Mombasa Harmony DAO

Name of DAO

Harmony Mombasa DAO

Proposal overview

Harmony Mombasa DAO is aiming to pivot inclusiveness, employment opportunities and revenue generation through innovation, additionally we are aiming at the growth of the developer community that will help power these innovations in the East African Coast.

Problems to be solved

The problem facing the East African Coast region is how its economic model was designed. Soon this region will be a place without viable businesses. The closure of most industries has resulted in high unemployment rates thus we are taking a turn to the digital economy.

1. Our 3 mandates involve:

  • Growth: onboard more users into the harmony blockchain ecosystem through NFTs and DEFI by creation of local campaigns to raise awareness
  • Innovation: Creation, collaboration and incubation of more startups.
  • Diversity: community inclusivity regardless of gender or age in the form of votes and governance.

2. What we aim to do (Metrics)

  • Introduce harmony to new users through creation of telegram/Discord forums ,workshops and meetups across the East African coast.
  • Workshops for creatives and startups informing them of the opportunities available through NFT,DEFI applications on the harmony blockchain.
  • Engagement of educational institutions (Local universities) and tech communities, through community participation and trainings
  • Involving local developers and introducing them to the web3 ecosystem through Harmony blockchain development trainings and hackathons.
  • Our DAO will provide a web3.0 repository of resources to enhance development on the harmony blockchain.
  • Ensure that there is diversity in community participation and no one is left out.

All members of our DAO will have a chance to vote.Transparency and integrity will be observed through our decentralized DAO Dashboard currently under development.

3. Our Governors

  1. A.Q Fatma- (Blockchain Engineer)
  2. Kathenge Mwanzia-(Cryptocurrency expert)
  3. Ian Okonu- (Developer relations)
  4. Zahra Mohammed-(Public relations lead)
  5. Kelvin Kihara-(Technical lead)
  6. Kasamba Lumwagi- (Curriculum Developer)
  7. Lilian Wambua-(Community Engagement lead)
  8. Richard Mwanzo-(StartUp coordinator)
  9. Eng Samomo-(StartUp growth lead)

Proposal ask

We are requesting $50,000 initial DAO funding.

Metrics for success

In one year we aim to:

-Onboard 2000 people on telegram /Discord.

-Training 100 Developers and 1000 non-techies.

-Establish 15 startup development and project collaborations.

  • Be a bridge to WEB3 skills to the local and international market needs.

Involving local developers is a sure way to create awareness of Harmony One


Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. The Grants committee is currently attending ETHDenver and we will be in touch after the event ends.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread. We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.


Meanwhile, head over to our DAO Funding Guidelines

:heavy_check_mark: Please ensure that your proposal meets the criteria necessary to be considered for a Harmony DAO bootstrap grant.

Note, that even if your proposal meets certain criteria, it does not necessarily guarantee approval or funding :see_no_evil:

Thank you for your time and interest! :rocket:

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Well said, I also have faith in the local developer community that will come up,lots of creative and innovative individuals who need a platform to learn and enhance their skills.

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Thanks for the quick response

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I’ve worked with a small portion of the local developer community and I can attest that there’s a great potential to do wonderful stuff


Thank you for submitting a proposal to $300M Ecosystem Fund :blue_heart:

:hourglass_flowing_sand: Your proposal is under review :slight_smile: Meanwhile, head over to our DAO Funding Guidelines

:heavy_check_mark: Please ensure that your proposal meets the criteria necessary to be considered for a Harmony DAO bootstrap grant.

Note, that even if your proposal meets certain criteria, it does not necessarily guarantee approval or funding :see_no_evil:

Thank you for your time and interest! :rocket:

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@Tech_Myssteeque We share your mission to bring more East Africans into the Web3 world. Would love to talk about how we can work together! :kenya: :tanzania:


Let’s have a chat soon.

hello @Tech_Myssteeque! :blue_heart:

Happy to see this. Thank you so much for your interest in bringing Harmony and Web3/Blockchain to Mombasa.

In this proposal there are

  1. 3 Regional DAO mandates
  2. 9 governors. Could you add links to their social media (twitter, LinkedIn, Github, etc.) and brief bios.?

I would love if the governors could the Regional DAO guidelines.

We recommend the following 5 initial deliverables for each regional DAO.

  • $10k for translating
  • $10k for host 2 meetups for 50 people each
  • $10k for partnering with a regional hackathon of 100 developers.
  • $10k for sourcing 5 approved grantees from that language or region.
  • $10k for growing public community to 1,000 active members on Twitter.

Would the governors be open to taking on these recommended initial deliverables? Looking forward to your thoughts :slight_smile:

Also, please go ahead and set up the Mombasa DAO multisig and schedule a second election.

I’ll link to our DAO Funding Guidelines that go into further detail about additional bootstrap funding for DAO’s.

following up here with @Tech_Myssteeque

Hello thanks for reviewing our proposal and suggesting the changes to be made.I will be adding the governors bios and links to their online profiles today.

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  • A.Q Fatma
    A.Q is an Innovative Software and Block chain Engineer. She has a vast experience in the technology sector having worked with the government and private companies .additionally A.Q is a blockchain educator and instructor during her free time. She also a contributor to some of the well known DAOs in the Ethereum Ecosystem. A.Q will be spear heading most of the activities in the East African Coast Region.

  • Kathenge Mwanzia
    Mwanzia is a student at the Technical University of Mombasa. He is a huge enthusiast of the cryptocurrency space and trends. He has a past experience of crypto currency trading on Binance.

  • Ian Okonu
    Ian is a software engineer with extensive knowledge in software design and application development and testing. Ian has a strong work ethic in team settings. Highly skilled in Javascript, ReactJs, Python, Nodejs, and SQL.

  • Zahra Mohammed
    Zahra is a public relations expert and a student at the Technical University Mombasa. Zahra is multi lingual and enjoys working with the community. Women empowerment and entrepreneurship are some of her major interests. She enjoys baking as a hobby and business. Highly skilled in people management.

  • Kelvin Kihara
    kelvin is a web2 and web3 developer who has created solutions using the blockchain. Kelvin is also a blockchain researcher and crypto currency trader.

  • Kasamba Lumwagi
    Kasamba is a student at the Technical University Of Mombasa pursuing bachelor Of Science In Information Technology. Kasamba enjoys researching about NFT trends and the metaverse. He is also a small scale cryptocurrency trader.

  • Lilian Wambua
    Experienced and innovative program development professional with a history of working in the non-profit organisation industry. Skilled in Entrepreneurship ,circular economy, community mobilization, and project design & implementation; skilled at capacity building for vulnerable groups and youth; excellent skills in Performance Management/community engagement initiatives including social accountability, Program Management, Social Media, and Strategic Planning; strong ability to lead, collaborate and motivate others in complex and changing environments; self motivated and passionate about making a difference in peoples’ lives.

  • Richard Mwanzo
    Richard is a UI/ UX designer who has vast experience in design methodologies. Having designed highly interactive and user intuitive platforms. Besides that, Richard is a Blockchain Enthusiast having previously interacted with the technology as a trader and overall looking forward to having a deep knowledge of Blockchain development.
    Richard-Mbingi (Richard Mbingi) · GitHub

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Thank you for the updates @Tech_Myssteeque

And apologies for the delay in response from me. Please never hesitate to ping me privately letting me know I’m missing an update :blue_heart:

If you don’t mind, I would like to point you to the Philippines Regional DAO proposal as an example of a Regional DAO proposal that has been approved.

In the original proposal, and with the update, there are 2 of the 6 necessary criteria to be approved for a bootstrap grant.

  1. mandates :white_check_mark:
  2. deliverables :x:
  3. metrics :x:
  4. 9 Signatories :white_check_mark:
  5. multisig wallet :x:
  6. schedule the next election :x:

Please review the DAO Funding Guidelines and take a look at the Philippines Regional DAO proposal.

Looking forward to the updates :blue_heart:


I will take a look at it and update the changes

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Following up here @Tech_Myssteeque

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The Harmony DAO Ops team will resume approvals and funding on May, 1st. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we learn best practices and navigate the proposal process.

note: this comment is not an approval of the proposal

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Social and Community Reach
Onboard more people on our social media channels. Mainly Twitter and Discord. We will be welcoming more people on our discord channels where we will be hosting most of our virtual meetings. We will also be having twitter spaces discussing more on what Harmony and blockchain is all about. To reach more East Africans and Islanders around our goal is translate to Kiswahili which is the local language.

Workshops and Meetups
Creation of awareness about Harmony and the whole blockchain and web3 ecosystem to technical and non-Technical individuals such as Creatives, Artists and business people within the East African coast and surrounding regions.
Creation of awareness will additionally be achieved through Meetups in the Universities, colleges and community Based Organizations.

We are going to be a repository for Web3 resources and create a bridge for web2 developers to Web3.Through resource sharing , trainings and hackathons. We aim to establish startups from the hackathons.

Web3 Projects
The following Projects will kick off after we get Funded;

  • Development of public goods by the Harmony Mombasa DAO (There is a high need of an NFT Market Place for the Local Artists).
  • DAO Website development
  • Design Of the Training Curriculum

Next Election
All members of our DAO will have a chance to vote every 6 months. Transparency and integrity will be observed through a snapshot voting tool

Metrics Of Success
First and Second Quarter
Our aim is to be a bridge to WEB3 skills to the local and international market needs.
-Managing social media Twitter and discord.

  • Onboard 300 members on discord 300 followers on twitter per quarterly basis (to 1000 active members).
  • Translating Harmony ONE website
  • First Townhall on Discord
  • Developer and Creatives Meetup
  • Hackathon for 100 Developers.
  • Content Development
  • Provide moderation and support on Social Media.

MutliSig Wallet
ETH Format: 0x159F6325e32187A4fB0F4be5BA1ED24aCC0FDE3d
ONE Format: one1zk0kxf0ryxr6f7c0f0jm58kjftxqlh3a4xj0jm


Hello, @Tech_Myssteeque !

I would like to deliver a brief update from Harmony.

All approvals and proposals for DAO Bootstrap Funding are still paused. This is a temporary measure. Please do not let this dissuade you and your team from building.

note: this comment is not an approval of this proposal