HARMONYous Event series

Name of Event/Project

HARMONYous 2022 event series

Proposal overview

This satellite event series will showcase underrepresented NFT artists during eight established cultural events. Each satellite event will be held at unique and versatile venues. In addition to serving as galleries for the art, artists will be able to direct traffic, host potential buyers and call to action for the duration of their time in a specific market. There will be programing at each satellite event, creating a platform for socialization, discussion, education and evening events for the length of their run.

Every satellite event will showcase two pieces of art from each artist selected, one of the artist’s choosing on chain of their choice, and one designed specifically for the event on the Harmony protocol. There will also be an event specific NFT on the Harmony airdropped to guests attending each event.

The “established events” selected to have satellite programing are:

NFT ATLANTA CON - May 26-28th https://www.nftatlanta-con.com/

ETH NY/NFTNYC - June 24-26 https://www.nft.nyc/

ETH CC - JULY 19-21, 2022 https://ethcc.io/

NYFW- Sep 8-12th Home - NYFW: The Shows

ETHSan Francisco- Nov 4-6th Ethereum events | ethereum.org

Complexcon Nov 19-20th - https://www.complexcon.com/

NFT BZL- Nov 30- Dec 4th https://nftbzl.com/

We have proposed a mix of NFT/Web3 conferences and traditionally non web3 events with large cultural cache. The event series serves to engage, educate and amplify to audiences already aware of the web3 and NFT space while also introducing a large segment of influential people to the space. The established events were curated to tap into key global markets and reach stakeholders in the tech, art, fashion and music worlds.

My team is asking for 300k to cover the cost of the venue at each location, travel and access to event/ conference, 1k for each artist participating, and production of the event. My team has a global list of artist we would like to spotlight and envision highlighting 3-5 artists per event in the series. The participation and inclusion of the Harmony community is important to the success of the HARMONYous series. As such we would like at least one artist at each event to be decided upon by Harmony the community via this proposal thread, the discord and twitter. My team has identified at two potential venues in and 3 artists in each market.

This event series aim to:

  1. Highlight diverse, underrepresented, and misrepresented perspectives and voices in the NFT space, (including but not limited to BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Differently-abled and womxn communities)
  2. Expand the understanding and global use or the Harmony Protocol
  3. Perpetuate the accessibility and decentralization ideals of web3
  4. Sell the artists’ pieces and increase artist’ profile
  5. Have 500+ unique guests at each event
  6. Onboard and gain 100+ new wallets / users on the Harmony protocol per event
  7. Make an impact in the discourse around each of the main events


I have a firm understanding of the web3 space and the Harmony protocol its branding. This event series has optimal conditions to increase the profile and impact Harmony has on the NFT community and web3 as whole. We are at a pivotal moment where time and actions are exponentially more impactful. During these “established events” thousands will be onboarded and introduced into the world of web3. Making a concerted effort to include historically marginalized groups early on is at the heart of what web3 represents. Harmony strives to lead the way into the future we all deserve. Showcasing these talents and encouraging them to be multidisciplinary and multi-chain shows the forward thinking and progressive energy at the heart of the Harmony protocol.

As the web3 space matures more and more voices will be marginalized and excluded. This event series aims to combat the mistakes of web3 while championing individuals who will inspire the leaders of the future.

Proposal ask

300k USD
estimated 30-40k per event depending on the location and duration
cost per event includes

  • venue

  • artist stipend

  • travel and housing for team

  • staff and security

  • marketing and promotion

  • signage and on site A/V

  • entertainment

Beyond monetary funding, we are requesting
Harmony Swag: Hoodies, Socks, Lighters, and Batteries
Any connections, resources, and amplification of the event series


My team, The FOLD has over a decade of experience in art curation and experiential marketing spanning from Slush Tokyo to the inaugural Internet Week NY to SXSW. I first became aware of Harmony during NFT BZL / Art Basel in Miami and continue to be impressed after attending ETHdenver. I look at NFTLA as an opportunity to mobilize a creative contingent which is consistently underserved.

Owen Rogers -Cofounder, COO
Pierre Voltaire- Cofounder, CEO
Morgan Nixon- UX and Instructional design
Benedict Forrest- client outreach and promotions
Franceley Millien - graphic design and community management

Metrics for success

500 guests, 100+ onboarded to Harmony per event
engagement on social via hashtags and account interaction

External links

me: https://iamowenrogers.com
my team: https://thefold.xyz
series email: harmonyousevents@gmail.com
the conferences and events:


Much needed space to recognized overlooked artists


This is a much needed platform for underrepresented artist


Atlanta needs spaces exactly like this to showcase artists, to foster awareness and to educate those seeking NFT/Crypto/Web3 knowledge.

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artists have followers and their followers can be brought onboard. great initiative

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thanks Sam! We are hopping to bridge the gap and empower so future leaders in the space

Thanks for your proposal, it has been assigned and the team will review and respond shortly :blue_heart:

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community building 101

thanks. u know first hand that literacy, whether digital or financial can be the biggest cause of disparity in the USA :muscle:

A leader in the space!

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thanks for the update. looking forward to discussing further.

lead by community hopefully!

Thanks for stopping by the MAD twitter space today Owen! We love to hear updates from you!

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NP. thanks for advancing the conversation about social good and civic responsibility in the web3 space. :muscle: :100: love MADnft, lets make a difference!

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Hello @owenrogers.
Unfortunately this proposal is out of scope per our guidelines “$1K budget for a 20-attendee 2-speaker event, or $5K for 50 with 4 speakers, and $10K for 100 with a co-sponsor.”
Thank you for your proposal and we wish you the best of luck with your project.

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I am interested in building a series, can you commit to the 10k as a cosponsor per event if I can comitt to bringing on other sponsors?

my last comment isn’t showing up as a reply @essalacher, but it was a question directed to you

Still eager to move forward with this initiative

Hello, I still have not received a repsonse on whether I can receive funding under the 10k, 100+ attendees cosponsor event guildline

@owenrogers I apologize for such a delay.
This is something I’m happy to dig into deeper with you.

Can you outline your plans to reach and onboard builders at these events?
We’d love to hear more about the execution and metrics surrounding this.

Unfortunately, our team cannot guarantee that we would be able to send someone to each event.
Do you have materials and resources to carry out education at the events?

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