BIPOC amplification at NFTLA

please send any suggestions over

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Additional information.


My team, The FOLD has over a decade of experience in art curation and experiential marketing spanning from Slush Tokyo to the inaugural Internet Week NY to SXSW. I first became aware of Harmony during NFT BZL / Art Basel in Miami and continue to be impressed after attending ETHdenver. I look at NFTLA as an opportunity to mobilize a creative contingent which is consistently underserved.

Owen Rogers -Cofounder, COO
Pierre Voltaire- Cofounder, CEO
Morgan Nixon- UX and Instructional design
Benedict Forrest- client outreach and promotions
Franceley Millien - graphic design and community management


I have firm understanding of the web3 space and the Harmony chain and it’s branding. I view this event as optimal conditions to increase the profile and impact Harmony has on the nft community. We are at a pivotal moment where time and actions are exponentially more impactful. During the NFTLA conference thousands will be onboarded and introduced into the world on web3. Making a concerted effort to include historically marginalized groups early on is at the heart of what web3 represents. Showcasing these talents and encouraging them to be multidisciplinary and multi-chain shows the forward thinking and progressive energy at the heart of the Harmony chain.

I would also like to request promotional support and any branded swag and assets (including but not limited to socks, hoodies, batteries, lighters and beanies for an anticipated 500 guests)


@owenrogers, this is an incredible opportunity to not only highlight BIPOC artists at an event like NFT LA, but it is also an opportunity for artists to underscore the uniqueness of the Harmony blockchain and the potential for other artists to create specifically for Harmony. A gap that I have noticed in blockchain is for the average consumer and user to differentiate between protocols. I believe this amplification will lend to the overall goals of Harmony (heightened awareness and more mainstream usage) as well as your own goals of providing space, time and voice to BIPOC artists.

I know very well of your portfolio and know this event will be outstanding based on the level of engagement that you already have with global artists. Can’t wait to attend!

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This is super cool! I’d love to attend and looking forward to seeing you grow with Harmony!


Well said. I am glad to have you onboard. You are a great asset, look forward to your contributions and insights.


Hey what a great initiative, onboarding people into Harmony through NFTs is a no-brainier!


Cool concept. I think the nft space needs more diverse perspectives and I am eager to see your vision come to life.


Amazing proposal. Great way to break down the barriers to entry for overlooked artist.


I think so as well. It will be the start of a new wave of creatives joining the platform and growing in and with the space.

Couldn’t agree more. We have to have more inclusion in these formative days if we hope to avoid repeating the mistakes of web2. :100:

Thanks! Excited to grow with web3.

LOVE IT! The MAD team first met Owen in Miami and we are excited to see him in action on Harmony!

Diversity is key to growth of any operation, and I know you’ll bring commitment to the cause.


Thank you. NFTLA will be a great opportunity to onboard a lot awesome and influential creatives to the MAD platform and the HARMONY chain. Let’s MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!


We still have hold on a venue close to the conference, and want to give artists enough time to create as the event is coming up next week.

Welcome, @owenrogers! To begin, I want to share that I love your mission and how you look to accomplish it. I love seeing our partners in MADNFT express the same sentiment. Unfortunately, the budget we have allocated to NFTLA has been exhausted. I do want to express that we are open to discussing an event partnership with you (and perhaps MADNFT) for a web3/NFT event in the near future. I would love to stay in contact with you via Telegram.

It’s a pleasure to meet you here, and I look forward to chatting more soon.


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I understand. I am very eager to continue this conversation. please let me know the best way to move forward with the conversation on future event partnerships.

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You can reach out to me anytime on Telegram: @mattyontap

I look forward to chatting soon!

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Thank you all for your insights, and support, after speaking with the team and understanding their turnaround time, we have amended this proposal to an event series in a new post. please like engage and comment here:

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A platform for underrepresented NFTs is necessary! I will check this out!

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thanks. lot of cool stuff going on in the web3 space, and on this chain. hope to see u apply ur expertise!!