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Funding for students looking for a research position in Brazil

Proposal overview

Putting it simply, a Masters student in Brazil receives about R$1500.00 a month, a PhD student gets about R$2400. U$1 = R$5.6 today.
With few dollars per person we can grant students real incentives to do their work, matching the earning of those who choose to stop studying because they have bills to pay.


Right now I’m the sole proposer, I am talking to the cryptography department of the university and will post this on my personal twitter account in order to spread the word to others students I know that might be interested in helping in this, as I don’t know any of the legal implications of what I’m doing.

Proposal ask

I don’t know how much to ask for right know because I have no idea how many student’s would get in.

A Masters degree takes about 2 years to complete
A PhD degree takes about 4 years to complete

In Brazil I’d say U$1000 dollars per month/per student would be a decent compensation.

Metrics for success

First I need to get more students into this with me.

Then we would need to setup a team that would somehow allow for applicants and setup a smart contract that does the distribution fairly and transparently

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Thanks for the proposal. While this is a great initiative, it seems you still need some work to do here before creating a proposal. Take a look at some of the other DAO proposals to get a better idea on the level of detail we need. This includes a clear set of mandates, 3 month deliverables, and 9 qualified governors with links to their LinkedIn. Thanks and we look forward to seeing a new proposal in the future.

Hey Giv, I talked to hawkan and he told me to post here to make things more transparent. I know I’ve got much work to do. I’m getting to it

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