High Gas Price Estimates

When interacting with contracts, I experienced lately really high gas prices, when using MetaMask.
At times at 100gwei. Turning the price down manually and executing works fine.
I would just be interested in the reason behind this.

When at the meantime “eth_gasPrice” and “hmyv2_gasPrice” return 40gwei.

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This problem got worse and I believe I was wrong in the beginning, the endpoints just return those inflated prices.

Reportedly, at times those prices go up to 10000 gwei!

I thought I remember @sophoah mentioning it was calculated based on the average of the last x transactions sent. But that would mean someone is maliciously using high gas to create a bad user experience for everybody using the chain.

Is this problem already tackled?

@rongjian @lij @giv @sophoah

I notice a lot of bad feedback regarding this issue:

it has also the potential danger of suffering big losses when not paying attention!

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