Claiming ONE token issue

I am facing constant issues claiming ONE on the app, i have tried to increase the gas fee through the metamask wallet, i am not even sure if its done or how to do it properly without having to do any transactions or transfers, the message keeps being the same saying transaction failed as underpriced… the transaction details on the harmony one wallet cannot be changed for whatever reasons, always showing same Gas price and Gas limit…I do have enough ONE available, not staked, and lot to claim. I believe the change and increase of gas fee must be done on the metamask wallet since the harmony one wallet isnt working anymore but the process and activation of this increase is unknown to me and seems not working as i think its been done, i go again on the staking harmony app and claim without success, same message and same price and fees shown as previously. If anyone can help, i would be very grateful. Thanks

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Can you claim manually through the delegation page? Harmony – Open Consensus for 10B

You can use the new RPC to claim that.

Hi! It sounds like you’re still signed in to with your harmony chrome extension wallet. If you scroll down on the left side of the screen and sign out then sign back in with your metamask.
When you go to sign and confirm the transaction, you’ll see a blue “edit” to edit the gas price, click that and make sure it’s 100 gwei.
You could also have a stuck transaction, to fix that go to metamask settings-> advanced-> reset account; this will clear your transaction history in metamask.

Thanks ! I think it’s fixed for whatever reason.
Appreciate it

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