HIP-15: Validator Governance Participation Indicator

Summary : This proposal is to show validator participation in governance votes on the staking dashboard.

Background : The network benefits from active validators who participate in governance. Delegators may want to factor this in when choosing a validator to stake with.

Motivation : To increase validator participation in governance, and allow delegates to easily identify validators who are actively participating in network governance.

Specification : A new Governance Participation indicator will be available on the validators staking page with the number of votes submitted versus the number of governance proposals created since validator creation.

e.g. Governance Participation: 5 / 5

Suggested voting options : yes or no

  • Yes
  • No

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I think this is great, it helps delegators determine which validators are active on the network and supporting governance. The more information the better!

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This is great idea, there is definitively something to do here.

Terra is going even further by doing a minor slash on validator not voting, I think this is something we could think/add to this proposition. I would suggest maybe to slash only after too many votes are missed during a certain time frame to be defined.

Good suggestion.

I would suggest that in these cases, same as with HIP 11, also provide/propose the design on where that button should be, as it is also a part of the change.

Could be a good idea to have it indicated on that dashboard what the validator voted for in past votes (yes / no) and what their upcoming vote will be (yes / no). Perhaps also make validators have to vote at least 1 week before voting ends, so delegators have a chance to see what they will vote for and act accordingly.