How to improve Harmony status page

Hi all,

I posted this in Discord originally, but seems better to post here. Please don’t take this as criticism because I feel you are doing a fantastic job with Harmony. I am an enterprise software developer and as such I’m concerned about the business value and utility of software, which is why I thought to raise this question.

The network went down this morning around 6:30 CET. However, the Harmony status page didn’t (and still doesn’t) reflect any of this:

Green bars everywhere… at a time when the whole network is down (latest shard 0 transactions were hours ago). When hovering over the green bars, the popup mentions ‘No downtime recorded on this day’.

What use is a status page if it isn’t able to reflect the actual situation? I feel it’s better to not show any green bars at all, rather than showing green bars when in reality there are serious issues.

Any thoughts on this?

Since I’m not a blockchain developer, I have no idea how difficult it is to report on the status of a blockchain network. How could the status page be improved? At minimum, shouldn’t it reflect the actual situation?