I'm already fulltime in this space looking to do more

Savage Socials

As soon as I found out about NFT gaming
I immediately jumped into the space with a roaring passion to build my community.
I started at 0 followers across the board building my media presence starting with getting partnered on Twitch ( Twitch )
building up YouTube / Twitter/ Tiktok ( https://www.tiktok.com/@savagestudios.ttv?)
all while creating engaging conversation in my discord ( Savage Studios) ( savage_studios#3261 )
I feel accomplished with my role in creating my community but I have an urge to build on a closer level with P2E and NFT gaming in the future.

I would say I’m at a stage where I’m branching out to different eco systems, at the moment building my gaming/ LP on defi kingdoms as well as learning about other games on harmony one.

I’m asking for 75$ an hour to run social medias / discords / help with live streams and P2E gaming projects

I want to break record numbers in 2022 for Savage Studios


Dear Savage Studios, im a noob when it comes to everything crypto except buying at the Top and Hodling.? I see that you are making a direct request to Harmony here. I learned something reading your post.
Would you have any interest in loaning your talent to the project i posted. it is a Crypto Dojo (my physical commercial building) I am asking Harmony to help me create the Crypto University in a physical location. We will create Art, Mint NFTs, Broadcast YT and other SM mediums. We will learn it all and teach it all from the location. We also have room and power for 50 crypto miners. we want to teach and earn become self sustaining. in that way. taking a grant from Harmony that pays them back shows good will towards not wasting money. We use the start up funds from a Crypto Network and grow it. but instead of writing off the grant. we pay it back. how about that for a twist. thanks