Community engagement application

Hi I am a very keen supporter of Harmony One and have made a series of videos to help people get on board and understand it, please look here:

How to use Davinci:

Four things you can do right now:

Enders Gate:

I do this because I love Harmony and want people to see its potential. I do not recieve any payment for this, however I would appreciate recieving funding support to continue/expand these efforts and discuss new/games and platforms in the future. This platform is exceptional and the more that know about it the better.


Thanks for reaching out. I’ve forward this to @adrianrobison who heads our video production

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Hi there, I do enjoy the videos… I do believe that the channel is a bit young… A few things I would do to improve the videos are to get some solid lighting (the white balance is off… the mixture of tungsten from your room and daylight temperature from your monitor is throwing things off), look up some ways to beef up your audio mixes by using plugins (Izotope makes some really cool plugins that can beef up your sound automatically using artificial intelligence), and rethink some of the thumbnail production. I think over time your videos will get better. You have great enthusiasm and a great personality, I just think it’s a tad early. Perhaps we can circle back later in 2022… Cheers man. - Adrian

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Greetings Adrian, thanks for the response. Really appreciate the tips for development. I have taken on board what you said, changed the lighting and have added features that smooth sound for transitions.

Here is a new video that embeds the upgrades.

I will continue to produce and support Harmony projects, and other tips are really welcome. Kind regards.

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