Investment opportunity with Minato

Name of Project
Minato (MNTO)

Proposal overview
First ever multi chain link MultiVerse Metaverse.

We want to create a whole new interactive social-economic environment to provide community support, services and social network. Providing this kind of ethos gives us a broader perspective and an open-minded market.

We have already acquired Sandbox land, 10% of Solaris buildings, Aether City, Spacial and more.

Looking to expand development and marketing.

Proposal ask
$10 million

Currently holding discussions with:
Yale University Fund
Y incumbator
Solana Ventures
Menlo Park Ventures
Benchmark Capital

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Thanks for your proposal, it has been assigned and the team will review and respond shortly :blue_heart:

@Minato can you elaborate on the progress today?

I noticed on the deck and website, mentions that there are plans to deploy on Harmony, or that it has been deployed already.

Hi Jack,

Yes, we have already deployed on Harmony. Contract address: 0xcad5937a790541ba912542d81fcf36d75fbf7dd7

We are now available on Eth, Poly, BSC, Optimism, Harmony and Arbitrum. Solana chain nearly finished and have other chains planned.

We are currently developing and testing Terra Bridge, as well as ETH/BSC bridge.

Our AMM for all chains is also very close to completion.

Certik audit is 75% complete: Minato Dao - CertiK Security Leaderboard

We have also now started planning phase of NFT collections. We have 3x NFT artists onboard and we are also in discussions with our partner at Kola labs who we will be working with on one of our collections.

Lots of development and discussions ongoing. We are always flat out working on the project :slight_smile:

Hi Jacksteroi,

Yes we have Harmony bridged already and planning to cultivate from that also.

Hi @Jacksteroo @Mattyontap just wondering how the process works. When might we expect some feedback? Many thanks

Assigning this over to @Sam cc: @papi who can help understand the use cases and integration points. We’ll first seek to understand and then be able to collaborate better with you.

Let’s close this out. The ask is unclear, and we’d like to figure out what’s the best path here since there’s no clear understanding from the community nor your team about what that vision could look like. Please DM Sam or Peter to discuss this further.