BoringDAO oPortal - the best way to move your $USDT to Harmony


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Proposal overview
BoringDAO’s oPortal programme provides the fastest, safest, most user-friendly bridge to help people transfer their assets to Harmony. Currently, oPortal supports $USDT cross-chain between nine blockchains (Harmony, Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Avalanche, OkexChain, Heco, xDAI, Fantom), we will include Arbitrum in the foreseeable future. Our goal is to break the barriers between chains, make the crypto space become borderless, make sure your assets can be wherever you need them to be within the shortest time. Mathematically speaking, oPortal has 72 cross-chain combinations, for now, there would always be a combination that meets your need. According to our data, the liquidity of Harmony is zero which means our users have the need to move their assets to Harmony and undoubtedly want to move more of their assets to Harmony through oPortal. therefore we are inviting the Harmony community to become the first Liquidity provider of oPortal on Harmony.


Enki Yan, PhD in Finance, Former college associate professor, Flow Ambassador
Mike Meng, Former founder of G5 Labs, senior token economist
Stephen Dang, 4 years blockchains wallet engineer, ETH community developer
Dewei Liu, DeFi farmer & investor, Two years marketing experience
Tony Wei, Head of MXC Research

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All the funding will be staked into the liquidity pool of Harmony. all the cross-chain fees will be rewarded to LPs.

Metrics for success

  1. Expand the scale of oPortal to 15 blockchains
  2. support three L2 chains, at least
  3. open up liquidity farming

External links

oPortal Website:
BoringDAO website:
Official Discord: BoringDAO


BoringDAO is a legit partner with Harmony. Looks reasonable to me.


excited about a new bridge for Harmony. will help farmers on the chains move their asset to Harmony easier and save some gas.
PS:love to see if ONE token can be also transfered between chains.


hey guys, I am Mike, co-founder of boringdao.
if you guys have any questions about boringdao oportal, pls feel free to ask me.


thanks, of course one token can be also integrated into our bridge : ) in fact, any token can be supported


Cross-chain transactions are very smooth.Looking forward to better development of oPortal

I think BoringDAO is very competitive in the cross-chain bridge circuit

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Hope this will be an opportunity to expand your platform bigger and stronger.

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Amazing partnership I hope this expand the Oportal cross-chain operation

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A really nice proposal that deserves consideration

I think this is an amazing project with an innovative idea behind it.