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Belated greetings to everyone!

Long time supporter of Harmony, as a multi-chain validator, an investor and now as a core team member. Those that are close to me say I’m highly passionate in the blockchain space, and I’m thrilled to have joined as Harmony’s core team member recently. I’m committed more than ever to Harmony’s Foundation and to expand the ecosystem around us.

I’m writing this post to introduce myself and further clarify my roles and responsibilities in a form of an FAQ, since I do run a validator supporting the Harmony blockchain.

1. What is your role in Harmony and KysenPool?
I’m spending 40+ hours with Harmony, pushing forward in many areas, mainly focused on Engineering Operations and Developer Advocacy. As part of the latter, I’ve been helping with the recent funding initiative. In Engineering Ops, I’ve been helping with scaling and stabilizing the infrastructure, best practices, and to decentralize the operations of the infrastructure.

I’ve transitioned to being a Fellow at KysenPool. As a co-founder / OG of KysenPool, I may possess experiences which help unblock the team time and again. Relationships built around KysenPool have synergies with Harmony (bridges!); this adds value to Harmony as a whole.

2. Will there be a conflict of interest with your role at Harmony while also being involved as a validator?
KysenPool has been a validator of Harmony prior to Day 1, since the Testnet days. The experiences gained by operating a Harmony validator, plus several other chains, does bring fresh perspectives back into Harmony. Also, I’ve not personally campaigned to promote KysenPool as a validator for Harmony after the first six months running the Harmony chain on mainnet.

3. Would you influence others to benefit your own validator in current and future projects?
I do not approve of self-promoting KysenPool to the Harmony token holders, or any others in the Harmony ecosystem. It’s a double edged sword and is highly unethical. I only have one reputation. It’s more beneficial for me to bring my experiences and relationships to help with Harmony. Feel free to reach out to me if you need any clarifications on areas of ambiguity in the future.

For validator services, I encourage Harmony ONE token delegators / stakers to spread your delegations throughout the list of validators, especially to those that are new. Do your own research. Take a hit of delegating to a lower service uptime (90%?) vs. a highly centralized ecosystem? You be the judge.

Alrighty, if anyone has any further questions, here are some places you can reach me at

Discord: @jacksteroo
Telegram: @jacksteroo
Medium: @jacksteroo
Twitter: @tweet4jack



great level of communication and transparency, thanks @Jacksteroo :blue_heart: