[proposal] Validator Candidate

Hey Node-Operators,

Please post your validator website in this thread. You are also free to introduce yourself.

Note that this topic does not mean endorsement by the Harmony Team. Each user is encouraged to perform careful due diligence on every validator candidate.

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@hashparty @winahyos @lij have moved the topic here.
@OgreAbroad @C10NU7 @anttu @Lucian @JB273 feel free to introduce your validator here :rocket::rocket::rocket:

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Here is a list of 43 validators who are eligible for next epoch with superb uptime by the time of posting.

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I’m Samuel and I run RoboValidator. You can read more about the validator here http://robovalidator.com/. After I overslept and lost out on bidding for three of four slots during the first epoch for open staking, I became determined to never lose out on a slot again and resolved myself to write a program that would perform the bidding for me 24/7 and that’s where the concept and name came to be.

A little bit about myself: I am a software engineer working in Silicon Valley likely very close to Harmony HQ. I first learned about Harmony from the Binance IEO and became convinced this project was worth investing in after seeing the impressive talent on the team and signed up to run two foundational nodes thereafter. I am running the validator node mainly for fun and am excited to be a part of the Harmony community. I am also looking forward to write some DApps running on Harmony in the future.


must check this guys’ website, it’s beautiful.

Thx @Maggie,

Our validator is just getting stable and starting to hit 100% block signing. We have 3 nodes located in EU/US/ASIA so I expect uptime to be very solid going forward. I am focusing on building an Elixir library for Harmony before building a site, so the best place to keep up is on github: https://github.com/hashparty1 and twitter: https://twitter.com/0xhashparty

:cut_of_meat: :cut_of_meat:Thanks and Happy Staking!! :cut_of_meat: :cut_of_meat:

BigB - SmartStake.io

SmartStake is a transparent, professional, and feature rich staking service provider. BigB with 20+ years of IT experience is the operator of the service. Besides staking service and active participation in the community, Smart Stake builds easy to understand and user centric tools for all network participants. We introduce new performance metrics to simplify assessment of a validator’s node health, performance, and rate of returns. We have already created a basic dashboard for Harmony at harmony.smartstake.io. We will add many more features to the dashboard in near future.

Our validator has been running with 100% uptime since its election. We use an active-active redundancy with two different cloud hosting providers to ensure high availability. Our node health is visible in near-realtime on the dashboard for everyone to see.




Thank you @Maggie for the invite!

We are P-OPS! Harmony’s #1 Community run validator.

  • :handshake: Our Team comprises of 8 globally located Blockchain enthusiasts who have been helping out Harmony Community for over a year to setup their nodes (Foundation, Pangaea, OpenStaking …), and producing explainers and documentation for the benefit of all.

  • :desktop_computer: We have setup our Validator using high-end infrastructure with 24x7 monitoring and backups and secured it to the highest standards.

  • :hammer: Based on our deep know-how of the Harmony Protocol we have developed algorithms to automatically adjust our validator’s bids close to the effective median, to consistently get elected across epochs and thereby ensuring the highest rewards for our delegators.

  • :trophy: : We have been recognized for our community contributions by the official harmony team.

P-OPS are the special forces of Harmony. They execute at an absurd efficiency and speed and are my first call to get the job done - Li Jiang COO, Harmony

Pangaea Ops Captains are the most dedicated, technical and diligent. They are the core of Harmony’s network and community." Stephen Tse CEO, Harmony

Best blockchain tech community I’ve seen! Without P-OPS, Harmony won’t be making such progress so fast.- ** Rongjian Lan** CTO, Harmony

To view more testimonials, please visit our website https://pops.one

Have a question for us? Feel free to reach out our Telegram channel


Founded in early 2019, Chainode Tech is a young, extremely motivated and experienced team based in Zug, Switzerland, that is focused on providing staking and validator services on cutting edge Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) protocols. We joined the Harmony Protocol project since the early days first as an investor, and then as Foundational Nodes, P-OPS team member and contributor to its ecosystem.

Since the Open Staking started, we have constantly delivered top performance. A few infos about our set-up can be found below:

:white_check_mark: Redundant validator nodes for high uptime

:white_check_mark: HSM based authentication for better security

:white_check_mark: Low fee (4,9 %)

:white_check_mark: Active key management for higher rewards, constantly

:white_check_mark: All our nodes are very powerful and are chunking through blocks thus providing guaranteed uptime > 99,9% since the beginning of the epoch

:mag_right: We love transparency and we want to provide this to our delegators. This is why, for a better communication and to be closer to our team we also set-up a telegram channel. Please feel free to join, we are happy to answer your questions and exchange ideas: @ChainodeTech (Telegram)

:raised_hands: The long run matters the most and we are making sure to be here for a long time. Reason why, we do not only act as a top validator in the Harmony Ecosystem, but as a contributor as well. A few of our main contributions can be found in the visual below. :point_down:

:+1: If you like our team, you can delegate to our validator here :point_right: bit.ly/2LFQTmf

:point_right: More information about our team can be found on our official website: https://chainode.tech

Last but not least we want to thank to all our delegators for staking with our team :handshake:


Hello everyone,
We are iBriz-Validator, an experienced blockchain team based in San Francisco and Nepal. We have been actively participating in different activities with Harmony-Pangaea as well as running a node since Testnet with 100% uptime. Now in Open Staking, we guarantee you maximum returns and have high uptime for the node.

We also have a bot in Telegram- “Harmony Alert Bot” which helps to track the performance of Validators and Delegators on mainnet.

Harmony Alert Bot notifies of:

  • Reward Distribution
  • Epoch Change
  • Alert for Median Stake Changes
  • Alert for Slashing
  • Faucet
  • Validator Status

Find our bot: https://bit.ly/harmonyAlertBot
Connect with us at Twitter for more information: https://twitter.com/HarmonyIbriz

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Hi everyone,

I run the validator for HarmonyNews. I’m a foundational node runner and a long-time Harmony community member (almost a year now!).

What’s HarmonyNews.one?

HarmonyNews.one is a community project which has been around since August, 2019. I always try to keep the community up-to-date on Twitter and elsewhere on Harmony. It’s proven to be a great success, but it’s really only just begun.

So, if you haven’t followed @HarmonyNewsOne on Twitter already, you should.

I previously ran two foundational nodes and now I’m happy to say I’m running a validator on Open Staking.

Learning the Ropes

Initially, there were some hiccups—shard 0 was too demanding and my uptime was ruined. However, since then, I’ve moved to shard 1 and things have been much better. As of now, I have 98% uptime this epoch as per the amazing dashboard created by Smartstake.io. And it’s getting better!

When I started running Foundational Nodes, I had never spun up a node before. Yet, I learned and excelled. It was fun—and I have no doubt running a validator for the community will be just as rewarding. So, I won’t rest until I tweak everything just right to ensure 100% of blocks are signed moving forward.

The HarmonyNews Node

Why you should delegate with us:

  • :white_check_mark: Low fee of just 3.5% (all the top validators usually charge 5%).
  • :white_check_mark: Validator will be safe (2FA) and always monitored for uptime.
  • :white_check_mark: Been a Harmony supporter and running foundational nodes since summer 2019.
  • :white_check_mark: I’ve always been there and worked hard for the community :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading!




FreshONES is part of the Fresh family of validators (FreshATOMS, FreshLUNA, FreshTEZOS). We have been running masternodes since 2016 and been validating since June 2018. Our team has more than 30 years experience in infrastructure and DevOps.

We are Foundational Node runners since block 0 and an official Harmony Staking Partner. Although we are not a Harmony whale, our operation runs on double overprovisioned servers on bare metal, meaning 2 machines, each with 6 physical Xeon cores. You can read more about our infrastructure on our site.

We actively manage the number of keys we sign with to optimize the yield. Currently our fee is 2.5% for a limited time. Pls get in touch with use via our telegram channel to coordinate delegating to us so that we can achieve the optimal slot position.

None of this stuff makes sense to you? No problem. Came over to our telegram chat (link above) and we will be happy to answer all your questions :slight_smile:


Thanks for starting the thread. I’m shez that is from Staking4All team. I represent a team of blockchain experts that has join harmony community to help build on Harmony

Here is some of our achievements
:small_orange_diamond: Been part of the open staking testnet community and running nodes to learn the ropes

:small_orange_diamond: We built the first validator bot when there was no bounty. Yip…we built it for the community :grin:

:small_orange_diamond: We built the first tipping bot when there was no bounty. Yip…we built it to help build on harmony :grin:

:small_orange_diamond: We built a telegram hashbet game. Yip…we built it cause we thought it would be cool :sunglasses:

:small_orange_diamond: The hashbet game and tipping bot in first two days of being launched created over 1 000 on chain transactions, to date a total of 10 982 trnsactions

:small_orange_diamond: 2nd place winners for a validator bot :grinning:

Follow us on twitter https://twitter.com/staking4all

Stake :cut_of_meat: for us here


Thank you @Maggie for sharing this thread.

:older_woman:t2:Granny is a validator exclusive to the Harmony Protocol, meaning she dedicates all her time, love, and attention to staking $ONE only.

We are currently a team of two with a decade of experience in cloud infrastructure, with specific focus on security and performance. We’ve managed large-scale systems for the US govt and worked at companies like Google to hone our skills with the best tools and practices.

We were also one of the first miners of Ethereum when it launched in 2015; Harmony excites us just as much with its bright future :blush:

We’ve staked since day 1 of staking launch with Harmony and plan to be here for the long run. Granny still has many, many years left in her.

:heart: If you love your granny, you can delegate to her HERE
:older_woman:t2: Official website: https://granny.one

Thank you for delegating with Granny.

We are a Harmony Foundational Node Operator from Day ONE running multiple Harmony validators since mid-2019. We aim to Maximize Effective Staking Returns by active allocations of Harmony’s validator slots with an auto-bidder and have complete Cloud-native automations with a hybrid Data Center setup. We are an Experienced Proof-of-Stake Validator. Validator and Buidler with multiple blockchains including Harmony, Cosmos, Terra and an operator for Ripple (XRP). Based in Silicon Valley.

Our Validator is trusted by a growing community of token holders surpassing 100 Delegators who support and trust us by delegating their 30 Million Harmony $ONE tokens in less than a week with :globe_with_meridians: KysenPool Dragon :dragon: !!!

:boom:Increasing Uptimes maintained over 99%
:boom:Top 2 Expected Return most recent 4 epochs
:boom:Validator runs in Dual-active mode for 100% block signatures
:boom:Validator setup across Multiple Geographic Locations
:boom:Server recovery in 15 minutes while Active Signer continues
:boom:Engineering Team coverage in multiple time zones

Stake with :globe_with_meridians: KysenPool Dragon :dragon: at https://bit.ly/2XiLnf2


Official Channels

Twitter: twitter.com/KysenPool
Facebook: facebook.com/kysenpool
Medium: medium.com/kysenpool
Telegram: https://t.me/kysenpool


Sesameseed is a multichain staking community founded in 2018. Sesameseed’s unique rewards structure, powered by the SEED rewards token, provides stakers better rewards over time. The Sesameseed community earns rewards from multiple blockchains by staking to any of the Sesameseed SEED nodes, or by simply holding SEED. Over 275,000 blockchain addresses contain assets staked to Sesameseed’s nodes and earn SEED daily.

  • :handshake: Trusted multichain staking community.

  • :moneybag: Reliably distributing rewards for over 2 years.

  • :hammer: Developed an optimized staking system. More stakes equal higher rewards.

  • :rocket: Launched Sprout on Harmony to provide a simple and secure staking experience.

  • :seedling: Launched the multichain rewards token SEED, the first token on Harmony.

  • :chart_with_upwards_trend: SEED compounding rewards maximizes your rewards by simply holding it.

Read our one-pager.

Visit our website to learn more.

Join our community on Telegram.

Sign up to Sprout and start staking today.

Thanks @Maggie for giving this opportunity to share.

Truely excited to become a part of this journey.

We are StratWorldOne validator, a motivated team in Silicon Valley and here to contribute our deep expertise of almost 2 decades of Cloud experience.

We believe in hard work, collaboration, open vision and empowerment of blockchain and related technology.

Our team is dedicated to strive toward providing ~100% uptime so to build robust nodes with automation and security in mind and leverage latest technologies in the infrastructure with the best practices and we love challenges.

Feel free to visit https://stratworldone.com to know about us more :slight_smile:

Validation Station is a solo project of mine. I have fallen in love with this community and want to give back by creating a validator with extremely low fees. My goal is to always keep fees at 1%. I will always strive to have the highest uptime possible so that reward opportunities are never missed. I’m available 24/7 and committed to the communities needs.

Visit the website: https://validationstation.info/
Join the discord: https://discord.gg/sXgqy6V
Email me: admin@validationstation.info


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This is Babylonode :ukraine: - a friendly $ONE staking node for everyone, but especially for CIS community.

The very important feature of Babylonode :ukraine:is a support in russian language, that erase the barrier of misunderstanding and misleading for our numerous CIS community.

Everyone can check node’s performance by the link - https://staking.harmony.one/validators/one14xkvsj8gnwl2tnu9wahfru35x8ppveaqdx5cnf

Everyone welcome to join, even if you’d like to chose another node(s) you can ask Babylonode :ukraine: for support.