Kenya Harmony DAO

@ep2338 Looking into this and once arrangements have been made, we can have the AMA session.

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Hello, Kenya DAO!

Wondering what stage you are all at? @MaryMaina4084

The translation of open. harmony. one site to Kiswahili is still work in progress.
Also, we’ve been consulting with the Kiswahili experts to get the best translation,
We are looking forward to having the documentation ready very soon.

Can you please confirm who the initial 9 multisig signers of the Kenya DAO are?


Happy to do that

  1. Kelvin
  2. Mary Maina
  3. Gladys Waceke
  4. Caleb Njoroge
  5. Yvonne Kagondu
  6. Fatma Abdul
  7. Pascal
  8. Mireia
  9. Eduard

Dear @MaryMaina4084 please keep in mind that this DAO is yet to be approved before you incure in any expenses. I was under the impression Kenya Dao was still coordinating with the other DAOs (repository, etc)?

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hey @MaryMaina4084 Do you need any help setting up the twitter AMA session , i am a member of kenya harmony DAO and i would love to hear all governors talk on how they plan on accomplishing this DAO’s mandates.

Hey @Antony_Kimani. Your assistance will come in handy.
Kindly allow me to co-ordinate with all the governors first then we can move forward to having the AMA session

@ep2338 We’re doing this to enable a greater community reach for the Kenya harmony DAO

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If it’s alright with you, I would like to link to the Philippines Regional DAO proposal as well as the Regional DAO Guidelines.

Please ensure you have the 3 clear-and-concise mandates.



@frwrdslosh Thank you for sharing the references.We are working towards ensuring our mandates are precise with an aim to achieve the set standards.

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Harmony has recommended these 3 initial mandates for Harmony Regional DAO’s

Growth : Onboard users on missions and culture, pollinate values across communities

Engagement : Amplify content of roadmap and milestones, creative campaigns of products

Diversity : Solicit voices and votes in forums, reinforce strong governance participation

You can find more information on the Regional DAO Guidelines, here.



@frwrdslosh Noted with thanks

Hello @Antony_Kimani We will be hosting a Twitter space soon. Kindly watch for updates on time and feel free to give suggestions, raise any questions and concerns before, during and after the twitter space.

following up here @MaryMaina4084 with a quick update, as well:

The Harmony DAO Ops team will resume approvals and funding on May, 1st. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we learn best practices and navigate the proposal process.

note: this comment is not an approval of the proposal

@frwrdslosh. Thank you for sharing the heads up. We also appreciate your consistent guidance and support in ensuring we use the best approach to come up with the Kenya Harmony DAO proposal

@frwrdslosh Thank you for your input on the Kenya HarmonyDAO. Kindly have a look at the updated mandates:

  • Engagement- constant engagement with the community
  • Diversity-Translation of Harmony. One site for languages that the local community can understand. Broaden the comprehension of harmony one ecosystem
  • Growth- social media engagement through platforms such as Twitter and Telegram
  • Education: Hackathons and training

Metrics of success


  • creating validators that quicken transactions -
  • blockchain gaming
  • Create a social token to be used by the DAO to raise additional funds which will be mapped one-one with harmony one blockchain


  • Collaborate with other communities
  • Hold meetups and hackathons
  • Initiate campus programs to promote harmony learning

Social media engagement

  • Grow the community to over 2,000 active members


  • Translate Harmony. One to languages that community members can understand and learn about Harmony One development and ecosystem (Kiswahili)

Hello, @MaryMaina4084

I would like to provider a brief update from Harmony

All approvals and proposals for DAO Bootstrap Funding are still paused. This is a temporary measure. Please do not let this dissuade you and your team from building. Stay tuned for another update regarding DAO Bootstrap Funding :soon:

note: this comment is not an approval of this proposal.

Hello, @MaryMaina4084

The Harmony DAO Ops team has decided to decline this proposal without prejudice. Please visit our Q3 and Q4 Execution Plan for more information.

I apologize that this process has been lengthy and drawn-out and I appreciate yours and the DAOs patience. Harmony and the DAO Ops team wanted to exhaust every option before responding with a declination. Do not let this dissuade you or your DAOs passion to build on Harmony. I’m looking forward to your success.

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