Kraftly NFT Marketplace - Investment for full migration is a pre existing marketplace on TRON blockchain… We are looking to migrate to a developer friendly blockchain like Harmony and act as a key player in the ecosystem.

With us we will bring a lot of skilled artists and free weekly NFT giveaways to attract more users into our platform and your chain.

With our experienced team we are not only introducing our NFT marketplace but also a lot of skilled devs into this ecosystem.

To fund this migration we are asking for

a minimum investment of $ 200K.

and a maximum investment of $ 500K.

We are already approved by multiple centralized exchanges (Top 30 CMC with listing fees of 40K to 110K per CEX depending upon rank) where our listing is stuck due to investment.

We are ready to provide proper proof of approval from those CEX to the investor team and are not disclosing their names publicly to avoid speculation.

Tokenomics : Kraftly

Please read our presentation and feel free to try out our products.

Project Name : Kraftly NFT Marketplace
Project Track : NFT
Team Name : KraftlyCorp parent
Team Member(s) : 5 currently as of FEB 2022
Project Goal : is a decentralized marketplace for NFTs, rare digital items, and collectibles. Mint, trade, and collect.
The marketplace was built on TRON blockchain to provide a solution for users not used to paying high gas fees on Ethereum

Project Info : is a P2P decentralized NFT marketplace protocol that runs on TRON blockchain which allows users to do the following

  1. Mint and own TRC721 NFT on TRON blockchain against uploaded media files such as video, music, animation, images (.jpg, .png, .jpeg, .gif, .mp3, .mp4)

  1. Create a ‘crypto punks type’ blind auction collection where the buyer not only mints the NFT upon purchase but your collection uses 's fair-distribution algorithm to randomize the ‘who gets what’ NFT process


  1. Users can deploy their own NFT contracts and mint NFTs on them

They can use 's free contract deployer

  1. Trade NFTs that are minted on marketplace using various type of auctions (Buying or Selling)

  1. Trade secondary NFTs that uses different TRC721 smart contract or NFTs that are NOT minted on NFT marketplace ( Also supports creator royalty )

Project Repo : kraftlychef · GitHub

Project Details : is created and run by parent . Solidity Gods is a team of induvial people with love for Solidity and basic blockchain tech. The team aims to bring forward multiple awesome product and services revolving around blockchain in general and use their skills and experience to solve 1 small problem at a time and introduce solutions. is built using React.js and utilizes a web3.js-like plugin called TRONWeb.js hence users can attempt to sign up with both personal computers and mobile devices like cellphones or tablets as long as they have access to a TRON wallet basically any device works!!

The marketplace was built on TRON blockchain to provide a solution for users not used to paying high gas fees on Ethereum

Partners and Investors

Project Milestones : was launched in August 2021 and we are really glad to say this but with generous support from APENFT and the TRON community we’ve already completed all of our major milestones in only 6 MONTHS that’s a record :star_struck:

Nevertheless here goes a short summary of our journey and we are still working on

August 22, 2021 : Launch of (NFT Mint Only)

August 26, 2021 : Launch of first NFT trading smart contract

September 2,2021 : Launch of Kraftly NEO and Kraftly’s fair-mint smart contract for conducting blind auctions for generative artworks etc and we launched first ever 100% original community crated artwork project aka CRYPTO CLOUD S

September 8, 2021 : Launch of Kraftly’s native token $KTY

September 10,2021 : Launch of NFT bid war and anti-snipe tech smart contract

September 24, 2021 : Mint NFTs with your favorite TRC20 coins → New Smart Contract

September 30th,2021 : Major GUI update allowing users to like NFTs and Follow their favorite creators on

October 16th,2021 : Generous investment from APENFT and TRON DAO and establishment of long-term partnership

October 21, 2021 : Launch of blind auction public (A FEATURE THAT BLOCKCHAIN INDUSTRY HAS NEVER SEEN BEFORE ) along with new smart contract

November 28, 2021 : Launch of secondary NFT marketplace that supports NFT that are NOT minted on and added APENFT Token as a trade currency on marketplace

December 17, 2021 : Lunched NFT Burn , Transfer , Referral , KTY Burn panel , Airdrop Panel , NFT Trader Rewards Panel , NFT Creator rewards panel

January 10th , 2022 : Added batch upload for NFTs

January 25th : Support added for BTFS and IPFS

April 2022 :

Please follow this link, this is an user guide made for our potential and current users : Collection - Kraftly Docs

In case of any confusion you can directly reach our customer support here : Telegram: Contact @kraftlynft (Customer support reply may vary from few minutes to few hours based on timezone , customer support services are generally offline during the Asian night hours)

1. What problem does this current update solves in the NFT space apart from minting NFTs on custom TRC721?

2. GUI change

Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. We are in the process of reviewing your proposal and will assign a representative on behalf of the Grants Ops team.

We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread.

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Thank you… One thing we haven’t mentioned which might have some significance to this topic is, we also own and after completing full migration of we plan to work on and release multiple important products related to NFT, Cross Chain and De-Fi to grow our points of revenue to provide a fundamentally strong base to $KTY for value investors.

Hi there:

Thank you for such a really good proposal and really good details.
Would like to know also if you could share, traffic/users up to date, why are you leaving TRON, and what Harmony would solve that TRON can’t.
Taking a closer look later on.

Thank you for your reply!
Nice project. Congrats.

Thank you for the compliments.
Please check the attached images regarding traffic stats.
With we are expanding out of tron, however our dev team is looking to migrate so it is safe to say the dev team will be migrating and not all of the current products and services.
I’ll try to explain for both and answer your questions.

=>. Why a new chain, what Harmony would solve that TRON can’t?


1.FOR : We have a lot of user demand for ERC 1155 , EIP 2981 and (TRON’s only chain explorer does not support these)

  1. Lack of proper API and dev support, with the evolution of our dApp and increasing on-chain query it has become very hard to keep up with the API limitations and lack of dev support, we solve the lack of API using a lot of proxy contracts to fetch on-chain data but that increases the job by 60%.

  2. Apart from we do plan to release other dApps to solve some of the problems related to NFT and DeFi

This requires a lot of research and experiments with code and it is absolutely mandatory for my team that we get to work on chain that gets all the latest updates almost immediately and yes also the blockchain explorer supports them in case it is required.

  1. Apart from updates harmony support provides a very fast response compared to other L1 chains good for migration. (an example would be this thread).


  1. Since we released back in 2021 TRON’s fees have gone up by almost 8x (approx) if not more - last year alone the fees increased by 28x

Right now creating one NFT burns gas worth ~2.5 $

And using our free contract deployer for NFT creators or simply deploying an ERC721 NFT contract burns gas worth ~ 70 - 90 $

Just for the reference a ERC20 transfer burns gas of 0.2-0.4$

And our creators have constantly been demanding us to provide more options.

  1. Tron also do release their own version of dApps with 0 fees for users and do million dollar marketing with HE Justin promoting them himself.

Which is pretty cool for the users probably.

They already have their own DeFi , Oracles , GameFi, DEX and last month they rolled out 0 fees marketplace which only burns gas and collects no revenue from users.

Although the 0 fees idea might be a little intimidating for the current users it is certainly something which devs do not find attractive and DO NOT want to compete against especially for projects like us which was built without investment and roll revenue to create new things.

  1. We do want to provide the latest tech 1155 , 2981 to our users

SS of analytics of traffic


Hi there again.
Thank you for your long reply, I much appreciate it.
For an investment, would you please take a look at this link and get back to this post?

Investment Due Diligence Checklist - Funding Proposals / Investments - Harmony Community Forum

Pd: I’ve seen that based on dappradar details The project has 6 unique wallet addresses interacting with your smart contracts. What I’m missing?

Thank you

Investment Due Diligence Checklist - Funding Proposals / Investments - Harmony Community Forum

Regarding this, we’ve constructed the original proposal covering all the details mentioned here

but we are writing one more post covering each detail point by point.

Lets divide this reply into 2 parts

PART 1 :

I’ve seen that based on dappradar details The project has 6 unique wallet addresses interacting with your smart contracts. What I’m missing?

Now regarding the second question…

Like I have mentioned in the previous post, now there is a free NFT marketplace on TRON ( where if you transfer your NFTs trading them costs only gas and has 0 PLATFORM FEES . IT IS FREE AND IT’S RELEASED BY TRON Foundation itself that is why currently we have Traffic but less traders/volume.

Our platform is 100% revenue driven and that somewhat conflicts with the idea of free.

Just for reference: " Would there be an Opensea or Uniswap if Ethreum Foundation and Vitalik had released their own dApp with 0 platform fees? "

This is way before the release of free marketplace : is still the #1 choice for artists but unfortunately not for traders on Tron.

PART 2 : Investment Due Diligence Checklist - Funding Proposals / Investments - Harmony Community Forum

1. Team biographies and commitments

Ans : Biography : All computer science engineers and self taught solidity programmers here with expertise in Web3 , JS , React.js , NODE and Express - is a combination of centralized and decentralized combined although it is a 100% decentralized marketplace but things like referral , accounts , followers , follows are done in centralized way

Commitment : Work in a chain and introduce all great products - DeFi, Cross Chain swaps and NFT based codes are our favorite to work on

2. Equity and token cap tables


Tokenomics :

Equity : In past we have dealt with APENFT and TRON offering them tokens at 1% at 100K USD

Right now we are offering 2% to 5% of our equity

3. Product demos and technical roadmaps


Demo : and follow Secondary NFTs - Kraftly Docs

Roadmap :

I. Listing on 2 CMC top 50 CEX (Instantly after investment if we qualify for the investment ) (CEX listing budget is 50% of the investment)

II. Deploy on harmony and keep working on the deployed product (We always keep pushing new updates - ie You can check the past achievement table to see how frequently we push updates )

III. Marketing through free NFT minting , Giveaways and more.

4. Market and peer analysis

I don’t have proper analytics but this tweet from a user pretty much sums it up


5. User reviews and analytics

User Review: We have no such place to accept reviews but please read the comments in these posts and tweets which should probably give a brief idea about reviews

I .

II .

6. Go to market strategy and materials

Ans :

I. For marketing we are going to open up a blind auction and give away 10K free NFTs to Harmony users (Replicate the ether rock strategy ) this will not only help us our user base but will attract new users to your chain ( we still have not been able to decide a fair way to give away NFTs for free but we are working on it)

II. Weekly extra giveaways

III. Art competitions

IV. Trading events

V. Hollywood celebrity promotion (We have contacts but these come at a hefty price tag)

7. Financials and token distribution schedules
Ans :



Explanation of point 6 and 7 : Yes we distribute tokens to users but hear us out!

We distribute 20% of the revenue as $KTY tokens to users


Instantly after distribution use 25% of the revenue to purchase $KTY tokens and burn them

That keeps out token deflationary at + 5% of the revenue value

Yes! That means 40% of the total supply actually will never come into circulation!!!

8. Technical review including audits

Ans: is a NFT marketplace and like every major marketplace our contracts are not audited , audit is not very demanding for NFT marketplaces like ours. We do not ask users to lock their funds in our contract we simply provide P2P services for NFTs .

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Thank you again for the long reply.
Could you please divide the grant into milestones in order to know what the funds will be used for?

Thank you

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Grant Budget will be use like this

50% will be used for CEX listing (This is approx. and this could increase with number of listing increasing ) → 2 approved top 50 CEX and 2 in discussion top 15 CEX (Hope this grant can help us getting approved in those top 15 CEXs you can also help us connect with CEX if you have any preferred choice )

20% will be used for market making and liquidity → This is 2nd most important point after getting listed into CEXs , this is 2nd most important point for the project itself as well

25% will be used for development and maintenance → of and slowly build , we will be providing a cross chain bridge to make $KTY tokens transferable between TRON and Harmony too

5% will be used for mainstream marketing - >YouTube , Instagram , Celeb twitter

  • If we receive this investment we can offer 100% of the promised $KTY tokens without vesting, we can deploy a smart contract with codes made public for the purpose (that is how we worked with TRON Dao and Justin in past and this will give you 100% promised tokens and will have no risk of price fluctuations , please propose your choice if you have any)

  • We wish to provide listing news within 24-72 hours of investment in CEX

  • You can see $KTY in almost any wallet that supports TRC20 USDT , USDC or USDD

Now about the deployment uses Solidity and TronWeb.js , It will take us approx. 1.5 - 2 months to convert TronWeb.js to Web3.js and we will not be introducing anything new during this time period

Any update on this thread?