Investment Due Diligence Checklist

For investments, we ask projects to submit the following due diligence items:

  1. Team biographies and commitments
  2. Equity and token cap tables
  3. Product demos and technical roadmaps
  4. Market and peer analysis
  5. User reviews and analytics
  6. Go to market strategy and materials
  7. Financials and token distribution schedules
  8. Technical review including audits

This is an initial request list and we may ask for follow up items.


Are you looking for folks who can analyze proposals and vet the deals before presented to the Harmony team? I have a 1 year experience in venture capital and startup investing and want to help with investment analyst sort of a job. Let me know if there is a possible synergy here

Hey there Li!

I don’t see any Ecosystem Development - BD vacancys so I thought maybe approaching from here.

I have +4 years of experience at the VC, CVC & StartUp ecosystem of LatAm, and I’m currently located in the Crypto Nation of Argentina :slight_smile:

Looking forward to see a match and starting to add value for Harmony Ecosystem :fire: