Launches: Cerebral Gaming DAO

Name of Project

Cerebral Gaming DAO

Proposal overview

We have secured a significant partnership with a well established project on the Harmony Blockchain! They will be assisting us with our launch and distribution process. We will be releasing more info, once we have a set date for launch (Tentative: first half of February). The token contract is done and all tokens have been minted at the set cap. Our website is currently in an alpha state but fully operational, all of our social media accounts have been setup, and our community engagement is soaring. The CGD twitter account has already surpassed 500 followers in two weeks and our discord is housing over 430 members. Our team is nearly complete. We’re hosting a community vote on the Harmony subreddit today (1/28/2022) for the final three governor positions. The election will last 48 hours.

The Vision

There are more gaming projects being built on the Harmony Blockchain each and every day. Every game dev is seeking a fast and cheap ecosystem to construct and develop their new projects, and a home to expand across the chains from. The goal of Cerebral Gaming DAO is to invest in as many of these startups as possible, providing support for these new gaming experiences, and increasing ROIs for our investors. CGD will be purchasing plots of land, character NFTs, tokens, creating LPs on dexes, and producing guilds for profit sharing.

CGD will take a decentralized approach to investing in gamefi projects, similar to a centralized mutual or index fund but with digital assets on the blockchain. Eventually, CGD plans to expand its portfolio to multiple blockchains, however, the DAO will always reside on the Harmony Blockchain. Some investments will be taken to ensure long term value through appreciating assets, some will provide the DAO with consistent returns, and others will be flipped for profit on resale sites like NFTKey. The main goal is to make profits for investors in Cerebral Gaming DAO through the management of NFT assets.

In-Game Guilds

CGD will incentivize players to partake in using lands purchased by the DAO by offering a 20% kickback each week on games such as Cosmic Universe, Mars Colony, Defi Kingdoms, and DefiMon. This kickback reward will allow players to increase their earnings while also benefit the DAO’s investors by ensuring the purchased NFTs are highly utilized. It is in CGD’s best interest to purchase valuable real estate in said games and typically to hold for long periods of time in order to provide consistent ROI.

How CGD Gets Its Value

$CGD will be issued to all investors during scheduled issuances and will also be used as the governance token. CGD will implement a treasury of all held assets that can be tracked by investors via a CGD website. After the initial issuance has taken place, voting will begin to find suitable investments for the treasury. By investing in CGD, it gives those that lack the capital to invest in things like expensive plots of land an opportunity to share a piece of defi’s rapidly growing gaming genre.

Voting System

The purpose of any DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is to allow token holders a chance to vote on proposals. Any token holder may present a proposal to the DAO for potential investment vehicles and the token holders will take a vote.


100,000,000 CGD Tokens Minted

5% Founding Team
10% Marketing
5% Misc. Developments
79% Token Holders
1% GG Token Holders

Proposal ask


Metrics for success

Launch of token on mainnet - $10,000 (Our distribution is going to be unique, the first of its kind on Harmony)

Form a DAO with 5 out of 9 multisig wallet - $10,000 (Voting has begun on the final 3 community governor positions)

Release of roadmap and first DAO proposal with at least 100 token holders - $10,000

Full PR and marketing campaign (including micro-influencers, social media, and traditional media marketing) - $10,000

Reaching 5 votes on DAO proposals/investment avenues and 1000 token holders - $10,000

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Awesome idea I would love to be a part of. Good luck with the Harmony grant!


Excited for Cerebral Gaming Dao. Let’s go!


CGD is here for harmony and believes in the games being developed here. Hopefully we can get the grant team on board!

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I would love to be a part of this guild and community. Let’s go Cerebral


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Grant was approved in another post (see below). Looking forward to this