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Do you know everything about Bridging? What about Uniswap V2 smart contract-based impermanent loss? The sharding technology behind Harmony? No…? Well, you probably know something! Help Hermes build the best DeFi resource on the internet-- and get paid for it.

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We have launched and FUNDED a new ‘gaming’ model of community learning. We are calling it

– Learn To Earn –

Each week, the top edits on the Hermes DeFi Community Wiki (measured in quality contributions from moderator review) will split a prize.

This week? 3,000 $PLTS. That’s $1,000 right now. For editing a wiki. Don’t have money to invest? That’s cool, just earn it by learning and sharing that knowledge. Bonus points for excellent graphics and interactive materials.

We would love to get in touch with those dedicated to community growth on Harmony to see how we can further incentivize learning DeFi for the blockchain dedicated to transparency, open development, and growing to serve billions of users. Finance is a central part of the blockchain, so how can we help reduce the number of scams, hacks, rugpulls, and badly designed projects? EDUCATION.

We can envision this working as a DAO, operating with an allocation of Community DAO funds, or just as another service run by Hermes to better the Harmony Community.

A little bit about our system of choice, MediaWiki.
MediaWiki is the backbone of tens of thousands of communities and thousands of companies for easy to use and maintain documentation. It’s powerful, multilingual, free and open, extensible, customizable, reliable, and free of charge. Read more about why this Wiki framework is superior to scale learning on Harmony into the millions. Deciding whether to use a wiki as your website type - MediaWiki

We are looking forward, as always, to hear our community’s thoughts on this. Better yet? Bring your DeFi questions straight to our Wanted Pages checklist, so the power of the internet can get crackin’!

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How do I get involved and get materials?


This is a great idea :+1:

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Materials are knlowedge about anything DeFi or blockchain related in any language. Get started by editing an existing page or making a new one on wiki.hermesdefi.io make sure to fill out your profile so you are eligible for rewards!


Incredible initiative please do remind us of this opportunity open to the community on our talk event! @Austin

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We have released the winners of our first round of #LearnToEarn! We gave away 3,000 PLTS to 7 contributors, each valued at around ~$185!
Best Article - @Valclereon Introduction to DeFi Introduction To DeFi - Hermes DeFi Wiki
Runner Up - @Xmortus How to DYOR https://wiki.hermesdefi.io/index.php?title=How_To_DYOR_-A_Comprehensive_Guide
Runner Up - @pbjclimbing Moving Crypto to Harmony ONE How to move crypto cross-chain to and from Harmony ONE - Hermes DeFi Wiki
Best Graphics - @gucamole How to code with Hermes https://wiki.hermesdefi.io/index.php?title=How_To_Code_Hermes
Other great submission 1 @horrorhoney Why OHM Forks Fail The OHM fork Ponzi scheme: Why OHM forks fail, and how they can succeed - Hermes DeFi Wiki
Other great submission 2 @CouchPotitu Welcome to Harmony ONE https://wiki.hermesdefi.io/index.php?title=Welcome_to_Harmony_One!
Feedback/Moderation/Edits/Guidance @Maba078

We have added a custom Discord bot to our server along with a dedicated channel to help keep track of all new articles that are posted! I’ll be spending some time improving our organization before the next wave. I’d love to see more people on our wiki sharing their knowledge!