LootMogul, a new metaverse for sports athletes and fans to own and engage

Name of Project


Proposal overview

LootMogul is a multiverse blockchain gaming platform for sports influencers and fans to engage. Sports influencers from NBA, WNBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, ICC, Olympics, etc. lead the fan engagement model in our metaverse through gaming, unrivaled experiences, NFTs, and crypto tokenomics. Currently, lootmogul has 112 sports athletes signed up under a two-year contract and a total reach of 65 Million people.

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Benefits to the blockchain ecosystem / Harmony chain - bringing a new generation of sports fans and athletes to the web 3 ecosystems. Giving them the opportunity to own/rent sports arena/lands, NFTs, play games and earn unrivaled experiences, etc.

We are currently live with the 1.0 platform and scaling the platform further with top-tier athletes. Our board/ambassador is a team of experienced NBA/NFL/MLB/Olympian star players, coaches, and current broadcasters on ESPN.

Funding is primarily used to build the platform further and potential integration of Harmony’s passport program.

Proposal ask

$400,000 USD

Metrics for success

10,000+ transaction per month for NFTs/land sale etc.

External links

[Project link, demo, whitepaper, video]

Also, our current funding round is $10M, and $400k represents 4%.

Approved by Adrian and Danny as part of Project X.

Daniel Carranza and Adrian Robison (me) approve this investment as per Harmony’s Project X from ETHDenver. Cheers!

The $400,000 investment has been completed! Sports gaming is coming to Harmony!

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Team, we have completed some big milestones on both influencer acquisitions, platform development, and new multi-player blockchain games. Thanks to @dcarranza @adrianrobison Harmony team, there are few more big news coming within 30 days, including the land sale of stadiums and sports arenas in our metaverse. Checkout - LootMogul.com and platform community updates at Instagram - LootMogul