Money Pizza - A blockchain platform that uses a fair methodology to share resources, equity and tokens

Money Pizza

What is it?

A blockchain platform that uses a fair division methodology to share resources, equity and tokens based on tasks, time or investments on each project. This project is driven for DAOs, early stage companies or multi-project organizations with division by the contribution made to each project.

Problems encountered in start-ups or multi-project companies:

  1. LACK OF FINANCIAL RESOURCES to pay everyone involved for work done
  2. FIXED PROFIT DIVISIONS that do not correspond with what each one is contributing, leading to fights and partner separations.
  3. DEMOTIVATION TO CONTRIBUTE due to lack of clarity regarding the financial return according to each person’s participation.


  1. those involved are considered partners, sharing the risk, acting as investors with different types of resources: Time, Ideas, Money, Equipment, Physical spaces and etc…
  2. Accounting of each contribution, by market price (using One Token in this case), to give clarity of what each one is putting into the project, the proportional calculation of what each one is putting in relation to the whole forms a pie of the percentage participation of each one.
  3. Transparency in real time, showing in a visual way (pie chart) how much each one is participating in the initiative and the percentage they will have in the division of results.

The projects issue their own tokens for accounting and use smart contracts to divide the tokens of each collaborator in proportion to the project’s tokens of each wallet.


The methodology has already been tested with different teams of our community using Slicing Pie (, but they are centralized, off-chain and can’t connect with a wallet! But we did several uses in manual MVPS(trough excell sheet) and the demand for the solution has been proven through interviews with entrepreneurs, also a few DAOs are using slicing pie, even being off-chain. Now funding is needed to create an MVP of the software first on off-chain than directly connect on the Harmony Blockchain, and let all the DAOs. and projects of Harmony Ecosystem to use.


Lucas Portella - Lawyer and entrepreneur. Familiar with the methodology and with hands-on experience participating in other startups and collaborative projects, he will help on the coding of smart contracts agreements.

Luisa Diebold - Is a designer, with extensive experience in design thinking. Will be a UX & UI designer .

Tiago Barros -Is a programmer and entrepreneur, with experience developing solutions for large companies, such as Lojas Americanas, starting development in blockchain. He will coordinate the development of the platform and its maintenance.

Marcelo Shama: BizDev, netweaver and fundraiser of the project. Shama is partner of the NFT school, and he is being an evangelist in the blockchain field for 9 years already and with a few initiatives in this area going on. Since 2019 has been co-creating metaverse experiences and projects, like auctions, treasure hunt, games and parties connected with NFT’s. His superpowers is to connect people, organizations and purpose initiatives, and co-create systemic solutions.

Proposal ask
10.000 usd


With this grants we intend to use mainly for the development of the platform, which includes the maintenance of the software in the first 3 months, 50% being for that. 30% team support to dedicate hours for the project / and 20% for website, marketing campaigns and audience testing

Metrics for success

Our dapp ready by june of 2022
Website with instructional videos ready by end of may
8 DAOs using our dapp by august of 2022
100 users in 3 months after the launch
200 colaborators in our discord
Satisfaction feedback review of 80 of our clients and partners

Next phase
To structure a DAO @Harmony

External links

Pitch of the project

Project of one of our communities in Brazil that we used and validated this fair methodology

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Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. We are in the process of reviewing your proposal and a team member will reach out for follow up.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread. We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

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Marcelo! was great meeting you in Rio. Looking forward to how MoneyPizza will be able to help our DAO ecosystem. Approved for 10K by Danny & Juan per Project Y.

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Thank you so much, Danny, Juan and harmony family! It will be an honor to code this on harmony protocol,… and i am sure will be the first of several collaborations that we will weave together! I am excited also to show how MoneyPizza will help DAO ecosystem to share resources and tokens.
thanks for the trust and for the support, we will honor that and deliver a great tool for all of us!

Let’s go for it. I approve it and YES!

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