Pizza Day Brasil and Cryptofood Dapp to buy food with cryptocurrencies

Pizza Day is the first Brazilian network event of the web/blockchain community that celebrates the first digital operation in history. For us, celebrating this event is simply putting on the agenda of society and crypto communities the importance of accelerating the development of projects and services in the digital development of the country.
Bringing people together and debating their ideas is precisely to add opportunities for those who have not realized that we are living an industrial revolution “The Digital Revolution”, in which we believe that blockchain and web 3 will be tools that will lead the economic and social relations of the planet. For this reason, we started the first edition in a 100% digital environment to precisely impact participants in an immersive experience with lectures, workshops, tournaments and network, to register in the history of this revolution, a place of expression and development of this new world.

CRYPTOFOOD is the first online food purchase platform, it is the first technology that will accept cryptocurrency payments on the planet. Dapp will receive various cryptocurrency options and turn your working capital into an active investment stream that can be exchanged at any time. Cryptofood will deliver a set of services using our own cryptocurrency “O Bite Coin”, which will enter the market after the Pizza Day event, among them the Grants: “Microentrepreneur Support Fund”, “I’m Hungry” ( I’m Hungry!) food donation social media and the profitable and unique NFTs (Non-Fungible Items) - associated with a worldwide gastronomic calendar bringing together Chefs, restaurants and artists from around the world creating exclusivity to the world gastronomic market.

We would like to ask for support from the Harmony network in organizing the event and invite representatives in the support of the network to talk about Harmony. The event and in the Metaverse of the platform brings together and is open to all Web 3 communities.

Event May 18-22 Metaverse Ghater Town