Morphware – Decentralized deep learning

Harmony fees and speed have personally spoiled me.
Truly believe positioning Morphware in the Harmony ecosystem will prove to be eventful.
I’m very excited to see what’s possible as more of the Harmony bridges come online as well.
Specifically I’m thinking on ease of use to expand the worker network without having to restrict access to a single chain.

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I apologize for the lack of clarity, here, but here is a cost breakdown of the first racks.

This would give us twenty-five really strong worker-nodes!

To be clear, I know that I’m only talking about bootstrapping the supply side of the network, but we have already budgeted for a Kaggle competition; which is how we plan to build-out the demand-side of the network. We need the worker-nodes to be able to absorb the level of demand a Kaggle competition might create, so that’s why I’m focusing so much on it here.


In addition to the following roadmap, we also have a backlog of features that we wish to implement which will be added into the desktop client over the next four quarters. These features are captured in the table that this comment is replying to.

  • Q1
    • New website
  • Q2
    • Worker-nodes up at University of British Columbia and Harvard University
    • Morphware validator-node cluster
      • This just needs to be deployed
    • Whitepaper v2 with multiple machine per workload architecture
  • Q3
    • Five server racks up in Paraguay
    • Single machine per workload system deployed to Harmony testnet
      • JobFactory contract
      • AuctionFactory contract
    • Morphware client builds for Windows and MacOS
  • Q4
    • Validator-nodes working on Android
    • Single machine per workload system deployed to Harmony mainnet

We would like to offer Harmony 2,439,024.3902439 MWT for $200,000, which is an 18% discount.

The terms we propose are a 1-year lock with a limit of selling 25% per month, after the 1-year lock is complete.

Great detail and thanks for being so thorough. It was great meeting you at ETH Denver and again today on our Google Meet call. This project is approved through Harmony’s Project-X initiative for the investment amount of $200,000. Terms of the agreement include a 1-year lock with a sell limit of 25% per month once the lock expires. Total tokens 2,439,024.

We’re looking forward to seeing Morphware expand its operations and continue working through the roadmap. Thanks and we’ll continue discussions on moving forward!

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Amazing, thank you so much!

It was great meeting you, as well!

I can’t thank you enough and we will definitely keep everyone in the Harmony community and beyond posted about our progress through our roadmap!

Thanks again!!!

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Huge Potential :raised_hands: Eagerly waiting for this project.

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We’d like to provide the Harmony team and community with an update on our progress this month.

  • We’ve completed the site selection process in Paraguay for the miniature data center.

    • We’re now in the process of creating a company in Paraguay, so we can operate there.

    • We’re also in the process of securing business insurance to protect our investment, there.

  • We have sent the first worker-node to the University of British Columbia. This node will be operated by the two co-presidents of the blockchain club.

    • We’re also sending a second worker-node to Dr. David Zehua Wang, who spearheads the blockchain program at the university. We’re beginning a pilot project with him that will advance the application of convolutional neural networks to detecting breast cancer in radiological imagery (he has a research background in machine learning, as well).

    • The worker-node at Harvard University, however, will be online next semester, as there isn’t anyone who will be available to maintain it over the summer.

  • We’re about a month away from the validator-node cluster being deployed, but substantial development is occurring, on that front (see: Validator downloadAndTestModel function · morphware/daemon@7c72419 · GitHub).

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