ETH->ONE #IndieNFT Bridge Initiative

Name of Project

ETH->ONE #IndieNFT Bridge Initiative

Proposal overview

The new NFT bridge is live and we need to build up attention for this.

In my opinion this could be one of the biggest catalysts for ecosystem adoption and sharing the understanding of what makes Harmony a game changer for anyone that isn’t extremely wealthy.

There are THOUSANDS of small independent NFT projects on Ethereum that have become completely unusable because of Gas Fees.

Many of these project have active communities and viable long term visions for their projects, but are not built to scale enough to qualify for the #funding-proposals:launches Launch Grants.

They projects would still very much be amazing opportunities for growth in our Ecosystem.

I am asking that we create a pilot program for a new type of micro-grant from a single Launch Grant fund.

50k to issue to 5 to 50 NFT Projects.

1k USD for a project with 100+ users
5k USD for a project with 500+ users
10k USD for a project with 1000+ users

One of the DAOs could help manage the funds and decide which projects were appropriate to fund.

I have worked as an NFT developer for the past year and they are very dedicated communities.

However there’s an issue with most NFT project developers, they’re extremely focused on their own work and are usually fearful of looking into other chains, as they see it as a competition for their ability to get exposure to their chain (Eth in this case). If we can lower the barrier to making the leap, I think we could get many NFT Projects to jump over and when they do, they will see what they’re missing out on.

Proposal ask

50k USD

Metrics for success

5 to 50 NFT projects bringing their users onto the Harmony Ecosystem
5 to 50 NFT projects bringing their Dapp to the harmony Ecosystem
5 to 50 NFT project developers becoming Harmony Ecosystem Developers

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@eddnorris thank you for this proposal. It’s a really great initiative and it has been approved. Congrats! Please discuss the project with the existing DAOs and let me know which should hold the funds. Cheers!


Thank you very much @giv

With a few technical/non-technical guidelines about how which projects are selected for funding, I believe these funds would be best handled by the @HarmonyCommunityDAO #governance:community
with support/input from other Core DAOs #governance:creative-dao @HarmonyCreativeDAO #governance:developer-dao @harmony_dev_dao

My guidelines would be:

  1. To ensure the selected projects are fully deployed to harmony before all of the funds are released.
  2. To ensure that all selected projects show a competency to maintain their project after migration.
  3. To ensure that these projects migrate entirely or add full harmony network/wallet support to their sites.
  4. To ensure that these projects have the community they claim to have to qualify for the grant (Discord/Twitter/Etc).
  5. To ensure that these projects have something unique to bring to the harmony ecosystem.
  6. To ensure that these projects have a long term vision for their project (on the harmony ecosystem).

After reviewing this Grant with other governors, I now believe we should create a Multisig Wallet and ask that 9 current DAO Governors volunteer to hold the funds and help decide which projects should receive the funds.

This way the funds stay bound to be used for this specific grant proposal and the requirements of giving the funds away to valuable projects doesn’t get tied to an already busy Community DAO.

I am now asking that all currently elected DAO Governors from the #funding-proposals:daos #governance:developer-dao #governance:creative-dao #governance:validator #governance:incubator-dao #governance:community involved in any aspects of the NFT world consider allocating some time help allocate funding to non-Harmony EVM NFT projects…

Simply reply to this thread if you’re interested in helping deploy this grant to smaller NFT Creators.
or reply to this thread if you are a DAO Governor and have feedback about this Grant.

Also, Please reply to this thread if you’re a smaller NFT Creator and request a part of the for your project.

@Bricktop_One @StrongMindsHold @BrotherOne @Harmonious_Dude @HarmonyCommunityDAO @HarmonyCreativeDAO @HarmonyValidatorDAO @harmony_dev_dao

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