MtopSwap Funding Proposal for $75,000

Good AMA with Morsel.
Project looks solid!!


This is DarthWarpath and I Say give them the grant!!!


This really deserves huge consideration as it will be a first for Harmony. Life as we know it will be much easier with their swap aggregator and a full suite of incoming tools that protects the blockchain from malicious attacks.

The team is top notch professional and all around good people. The community is helpful to the extreme and it starts at the top. It’s a hangout of friends and friends to be.

Harmony will be a better place to be with Mtop.


MTOP should abdolutely get this Harmony One Grant!
They have already brought so manyUnique financial tools that help investors navigate Harmony One.
Just being able to see where the liquidity is on the blockchain is invaluable to HARMONY investors [large and small].

MTOP is an amazing team with a super loyal and active community. They see what I see- a roadmap of much needed financial tools that will attract even more investment to Harmony One at large.

MTOP’s tools don’t just help the average retail investor. Large cap institutional investors would love to use what they are building.

[Great AMA on Morsel’s discord!]


This project hands down deserves this grant. The team is talented, hardworking and dedicated to providing a solution to the overall user experience with trading tokens on the harmony network. The software will be very unique to the chain and, while all the h1 gamefi projects are great, it will be a non-gamified project which I think is definitely needed.

The Mtop community is also amazing… the discord is almost always popping and the engagement imo is better than most other projects right now. Between the software being developed, the team/mods, and the community, I don’t think there’s a better group out there right now.


A Snake who goes by many names fully supports this project and the community & team behind it’s inception and continued growth.


I highly support this proposal. MTOP is building a suite of useful tools and has been 100% self funded. We need platforms that provide real utility on Harmony to supplement our rich GameFi/Metaverse offerings. Also, this project is born and bred on Harmony and not some group from another chain looking for a cash grab. Ideal grant application imho


I think this team deserves the grant. I fully support them and would invest on them to buid utility for Harmony.

Don’t stop building during this bear market at it will set a solid foundation.

Kudos to your team and wish you all sucess.


Being part of this community have not only helped me become more confident in this field with such a supporting group of friends who have become family, it also has protected me from multiple scams which is so common now days.

There are multiple amazing projects all on the #ONE ecosystem and I truly believe #MtopSwaps is exactly what’s needed to further support our beloved #ONE!

They are deserving simply just for doing something unique and I hope they continue to push boundaries while encouraging other projects to as well.


MtopSwap has been the most promising project I’ve seen on Harmony in a while and absolutely deserves the grant. This project would provide a solution to many of the problems Harmony currently has, and I believe this project would be a great addition to the Harmony Ecosystem.

Mtopswap would provide Harmony users with useful information and services that would help them get into Harmony. What appeals to me the most is it’s User-first focused, and it’s built to be faster than any of the swaps today.

Another appealing factor is the community which is really great and helpful. The discord is full of helpful members who’ve answered any questions I’ve had about the project and harmony in general. There are many giveaways and contests where the owner gives back to the community.

In conclusion, I believe Mtopswap would be a great addition to the Harmony ecosystem mainly due to its speed, user-first focus, and friendly community.


Mtopswap’s discord is the first thing I check when I wakeup and it’s the last thing I check before going to sleep at night. They have some very impressive tech that will help contribute to the chain! Mtopswap was started a little while ago and they have grown so quickly themselves while also connecting and contributing to other projects on chain!

The community is the best around and is a place I like to call home and feel safe in this wild crypto space.

I strongly urge Harmony to approve this grant, Mtopswap will not let you down


This is fnatiq / mambo, and I fully support this!

I’ve only been in Harmony 4 months, and in this short time I’ve seen what some people are calling another crypto winter, while seeing the value of my NFTs and tokens collapse to fractions of their peaks, as well as being victims of a few rugs and other outright incompetent projects.

But if I’ve taken away a single good thing from all this other than my personal experience, it’s finding the MTOP community - bunch of great guys (both mods and not) who are active, friendly, and very importantly committed to levelling the playing field and educating the broader community, and most importantly creating a product that aims to be user-first, in a world that has more often than not focused on lining teams’ own pockets.

This, alongside their excellent regular communication, as well as backing and support from major Harmony players, gives me so much confidence and pride in being a part of this group, and I am excited to be a part of a product and community which has such high potential to bring so many benefits to Harmony and its broader community as a whole.


I firmly believe that this grant should be considered, and accelerated. The state of Harmony has been an influx of failed NFT projects which received grants, rather than projects that focus on TECH and further development within the chain.

When you look at MTOP, you have a project that is Tech & Community first, and ponzi-economics zero… We need to stay away from ponzi-economic projects and instead focus on projects which will bring further value to Harmony. MTOP provides that… it provides a SWAP platform that not only could be actively used by communities across the network, it has a chance for cross-chain portability. This is perfect for Harmony… Get another major project on the ground, and allow the hype to expand and bring more users to the network.


This is the Real JohnWilla, and I support this message :smiley:


Hey everyone, this is Paradox from the Mtop core team. Firstly, I just want to say that it feels incredible to have even come this far to have the opportunity to submit a grant proposal to Harmony. For the past few months, our team has been working tirelessly on MtopSwap with the ultimate goal of furthering the Harmony protocol. We are confident that the utility that our software will bring, is unmatched to any similar product that has been developed on Harmony and even many other chains as well. We are firmly committed and proud to have begun this journey on Harmony. We are here to stay, and wish to contribute to the growth of Harmony as a whole. Thank you Harmony for considering funding this grant proposal, I promise that you will not be disappointed if you choose to accept. We have big plans coming.


Harmony would really benefit from this project.
Mtopswaps tools and utility will lower the entry level for newcomers to the network&defi trading, and also improving life of quality for current traders drastically.


This project is innovative and will further advance our tools and capability for the best and easy experience in DeFi. It’s the one-stop shop for all the traders in this ecosystem and will definitely make trading more easier for the average users. You don’t want to miss this out.


harmony would do good to help and fund this project

the community and MTOP team is very active, the discord is florishing and they have some unique features in discord already! the new pair alerter and the reasearch they put in any new token is top

the app will bring so much to harmony, the chain this team is commited to and calling it a home

they got my vote!


Love the project and can’t wait to use the product as it would save me from a lot of the hastles you have on harmony: too many dexs, scams etc…

Hope this grant can go through so everything that they set out to do can be done!


A swap aggregator seems like a good idea, i support this