MtopSwap Funding Proposal for $75,000

Hi @jbeltran @Jacksteroo ,

Just wondering if there are any further needs from the Harmony team or any guidelines in place for the what to expect moving forward? It is our understanding that we are awaiting an internal review from Harmony Core.

Figured that I would drop a poll here to further emphasize community sentiment regarding this project and the team:

  • Please read this grant discussion and APPROVE MtopSwap!!
  • Please DO NOT approve this grant (reply with reasons below).

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@Jacksteroo here’s our progress over the last few weeks. See my post above explaining how we are not a price/liquidity aggregator in a typical sense. Additionally, the Proof of Concept video walkthrough with audio at the bottom of this changelog will demonstrate this.

Changelog May 25 - June 6

  • Fixed Decimal bug
  • Fixed various swapping bugs
  • Fixed mobile UI bugs
  • Fixed Router Bug
  • Added token balance functionality (not fully finished*)
  • Added Import Token feature
  • Added Slippage functionality
  • Added Price Impact functionality
  • Added “Not Sufficient Liquidity” logic
  • Added “Approve” logic
  • Added Initiated/Pending/Success/Failure Transaction Notifications
  • Added input Field Decimal Limiter / Automatic Limiting based on token decimal
  • Disallow picking 2 of the same token

Whitepaper & Misc Changes


Waiting for internal poll.
Will get back asap.


Thank you for the reply! Excited to hear back from the Harmony Team on this and to see some published guidelines for what to expect :slight_smile:


For transparency purposes

  1. How many people will be voting on the poll
  2. What is the approval condition needed in poll results?

Hello @HarmonyWon
Unfortunately the internal vote didn’t have the 3 strong yeses it needs

All I can tell you is to please take a look at the new guidelines.

Harmony Grants and Investments

We hope you continue to build on this concept and circle back when it is ready to be discussed further.

Thank you for choosing Harmony.


Just to make sure that I am understanding this correctly-

We require 3 Strong Yes, and there were 3 participants in total on the grant committee? So we require a 100% rate of Strong yes. How many voters are there total?


I support this project :two_hearts:
They are running very useful cases which really add value to Harmony Blockchain.
I would request the Harmony Management team to approve


Is there any indication of why one voter responded soft no. A soft no as opposed to a strong no suggests there may be something missing that could be elaborated on to potentially convince one way or another. (This goes for mtop and future projects that receive a 2/3.


Mtopswap would be very beneficial for harmony network. It’s not the 20th gamefi we’ve seen so much of lately. It’s a tool that will improve the quality of life of every trader on harmony. With so many projects coming up, Mtopswap will help people to not get overwhelmed by juggling through 10 tabs in their browser in order to keep track of all their investments. Please reconsider this grant proposal.


If you are declining this project, I don’t know what you are going to approve. Look at the support this proposal has had, and continues to get. Look at the strong community in the Discord. Look at what the team have been willing to do in order to get this grant passed. Extremely disappointed in the decision.

And only 3 people are voting… all of which must vote a “Strong Yes” without a detailed explanation as to why the participants voted this way.

Regardless, I will keep supporting MTOP and the team, who fully deserve backing and support.


It appears that strong community participation that is founded via a snapshot can overthrow a weak voting situation on behalf of the unknown 3-person grant committee. Pleas show your utmost support to this proposal here:


I really do hope the Harmony team reconsider their decision as right now it really is a slap in the face for all the projects that are continuing to sticking through it. Even more of a slap in the face for those projects that have PoC and a strong community backing, which means they really want this type of projects on this chain!


This seriously got rejected? This has by far been the most active and positive community around the harmony ecoystem. The person in charge of revewing the grant can’t even speak proper English with the most vague and shady response I’ve ever seen:

We’ve found in our Due Diligence.

We hope this makes sense. Thank you for choosing Harmony.
Good luck

What does this even say? How can you ignore the community so readily after funding so many random DAOs that just got grants left and right.



No need to throw insults around. With that said it is baffling that this has not been approved. I give my full support to this project.


First, thank you so much for your support for the grant application and project as a whole. Although we have had numerous pushbacks along the way we are continuing to develop and to build both our community and THE community within the Harmony blockchain. We are proud to have so much interaction and discussion of our project and hope that this inspires more activity on the talk forum. Community voice and feedback is a tremendous force in the digital social realm!

That being said, please don’t attack the people handling our grant. I am sure that they are doing their best with the instruction and resources at their disposal. Also, whether English is their first language is not a matter up for consideration, this is DeFi and all people are welcome. We’re all here to prompt change, and it is up to each of us to shape the future through our voices and activism. It’s so much easier to be kind and constructive friends :slight_smile:


This is unacceptable

Who are the 3 voters? Where is Harmony’s “radical transparency”?


I believe MTOP is a strong community with their heart in the right place. It’s clear that they’ve been very cooperative to make this proposal work. I hope this doesn’t close the door on them completely and they can come back after tweaking what is needed and eventually get funded.

They’re good people with great ambition. I encourage continued talks between them and the grant group to hopefully get something done!


This is the god zalyasu and I support this message ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ


I’d love to have a little respect on your comments.
If you think that reviewing a tech Grant requires “proper” English (define proper for us please so we could see if it’s necessary for doing so) it’s because you are only paying attention to the language instead of what a project really requires.
Also You also affirm without even knowing my vote or my opinion about it.
Also, I’m part of the community (base in facts as people knows me). Wrong again saying I don’t pay attention to them. All the moves that I make to build processes around the grants are exactly for the community.

I’m asking for respect