MtopSwap Funding Proposal for $75,000

Do we have an ETA on when those poll results will be published? :crossed_fingers:


Even in this bear market the MTOP crew is still dishing out great info, doing AMA’s with dozens of projects within the network and is even starting up e-sports activities. Did everyone already mention that this is the best community within the Harmony network? The discord is extremely active all the time. I love it. Check out the trivia in the discord sometime too, for a chance to win some awesome prizes such as NFT’s, coins and more. Thanks again for everything and I hope the grant gets approved!


It’s exactly what I was just thinking. Tonight they are inviting harmony play into the server for an AMA. It’s a non-stop community building machine (beyond its own product). While things are seemingly becoming stale elsewhere these guys don’t stop! That recent announcement makes a clear statement of intent.


hopefully mtop folks gets what they deserve ,they are some of the most engaged communities in the ecosystem


This is what harmony is meant to be, fully engaged communities helping each other! and MTOP proved to be a leader in that space as a concept, be it technically or socially.


This is Presto, and I support this message :smiley:


Nicely done here, if there’s a way to design the UX in a more consolidated way, much like how 1inch and Paraswap does it, I think there’ll be a good win here. Also, there could be competing swaps with more common wrapped tokens, say 1USDC, how will this work? I’d suggest finding ways to figure out the best rates and least spreads, and picking those winners (beware of price oracle issues)

Thoughts about the design issues here?


Hi @Jacksteroo ,

Thank you for your input. You’re right that there are competing swaps out there, and that competition is healthy for blockchain growth. It encourages businesses (dapps in this case) to compete to deliver the finest products at the best prices, and as a result, asserts growth within the blockchain technology.

In regards to MtopSwap’s UX, we are streamlining the experience with speed and simplicity at the forefront of our software. We want our swap aggregator to be familiar, yet unprecedented in ability and speed on the Harmony network. This is where our project often gets mistaken for the vast number of other aggregators on market today. We are not a simple DEX aggregator with ‘borrowed’ code, nor are we forking another product. We have created our software from scratch with a vision of our own, lowering the amount of code required and maintaining high levels of efficiency for our users.

That being said, what our product does is compile multiple DEX via proprietary ‘swap modules’ that enable the user to choose the DEX they wish to trade on (12+ on Harmony) all in one page. Furthermore, these swap modules can be used alongside one another simultaneously (See Below):

This is actually just phase one of our project roadmap, after which we will implement staking pools, live price feeds, honeypot detection, wallet blacklist warnings to further discourage scammers, and more. This year will be an exciting period of development for our team and we hope to engage with our existing community as well as to onboard new traders with the blessing of the grant committee and the Harmony Fam!

Ps: To see this vision in action, as it is currently deployed to mainnet, visit: Proof of Concept Video - MtopSwap Whitepaper


Thank you @Jacksteroo! Going to add to @Pioneer’s thoughts here.

First, as you can tell from our more recent Proof of Concept Video here:, we are often confused with a “traditional” aggregator. Rather than aggregating best price and liquidity, we are allowing users to add multiple (even 30, 40) swaps on a single page - 4 DFKs, 3 Viperswaps, 2 Lootswaps, whatever you want - all on one page.

Our reasoning here is that, to be frank, 95% of Harmony’s coins have a majority or all of their liquidity on a single DEX and we feel that it does not bring as large of a value proposition to Harmony or its users at this stage in Harmony’s growth cycle.

We do, of course, plan on eventually adding this more traditional “price/liquidity” automation here in our roadmap: Price/Liquidity Automation - MtopSwap Whitepaper

The beauty of this project is the sky is the limit here - we can go off our Community and Harmony Team’s suggestions and make this whatever we’d like over time, as long as user experience is put first and it helps reduce the barrier to entry that DeFi presents newcomers.

At the end of the day, using NFTs as recurring subscriptions is by far the most innovative and unique aspect to this, as well as allowing for multiple swaps on a single page, as described by Pioneer and myself, and that Proof of Concept Video. We want to be different, and refreshingly different at that.

Cheers, looking forward to talking more!


Hi @jbeltran @Jacksteroo ,

Just wondering if there are any further needs from the Harmony team or any guidelines in place for the what to expect moving forward? It is our understanding that we are awaiting an internal review from Harmony Core.

Figured that I would drop a poll here to further emphasize community sentiment regarding this project and the team:

  • Please read this grant discussion and APPROVE MtopSwap!!
  • Please DO NOT approve this grant (reply with reasons below).

0 voters


@Jacksteroo here’s our progress over the last few weeks. See my post above explaining how we are not a price/liquidity aggregator in a typical sense. Additionally, the Proof of Concept video walkthrough with audio at the bottom of this changelog will demonstrate this.

Changelog May 25 - June 6

  • Fixed Decimal bug
  • Fixed various swapping bugs
  • Fixed mobile UI bugs
  • Fixed Router Bug
  • Added token balance functionality (not fully finished*)
  • Added Import Token feature
  • Added Slippage functionality
  • Added Price Impact functionality
  • Added “Not Sufficient Liquidity” logic
  • Added “Approve” logic
  • Added Initiated/Pending/Success/Failure Transaction Notifications
  • Added input Field Decimal Limiter / Automatic Limiting based on token decimal
  • Disallow picking 2 of the same token

Whitepaper & Misc Changes


Waiting for internal poll.
Will get back asap.


Thank you for the reply! Excited to hear back from the Harmony Team on this and to see some published guidelines for what to expect :slight_smile:


For transparency purposes

  1. How many people will be voting on the poll
  2. What is the approval condition needed in poll results?

Hello @HarmonyWon
Unfortunately the internal vote didn’t have the 3 strong yeses it needs

All I can tell you is to please take a look at the new guidelines.

Harmony Grants and Investments

We hope you continue to build on this concept and circle back when it is ready to be discussed further.

Thank you for choosing Harmony.


Just to make sure that I am understanding this correctly-

We require 3 Strong Yes, and there were 3 participants in total on the grant committee? So we require a 100% rate of Strong yes. How many voters are there total?


I support this project :two_hearts:
They are running very useful cases which really add value to Harmony Blockchain.
I would request the Harmony Management team to approve


Is there any indication of why one voter responded soft no. A soft no as opposed to a strong no suggests there may be something missing that could be elaborated on to potentially convince one way or another. (This goes for mtop and future projects that receive a 2/3.


Mtopswap would be very beneficial for harmony network. It’s not the 20th gamefi we’ve seen so much of lately. It’s a tool that will improve the quality of life of every trader on harmony. With so many projects coming up, Mtopswap will help people to not get overwhelmed by juggling through 10 tabs in their browser in order to keep track of all their investments. Please reconsider this grant proposal.


If you are declining this project, I don’t know what you are going to approve. Look at the support this proposal has had, and continues to get. Look at the strong community in the Discord. Look at what the team have been willing to do in order to get this grant passed. Extremely disappointed in the decision.

And only 3 people are voting… all of which must vote a “Strong Yes” without a detailed explanation as to why the participants voted this way.

Regardless, I will keep supporting MTOP and the team, who fully deserve backing and support.