MtopSwap Funding Proposal for $75,000

Wasn’t this guy involved in Holy Grail and some other shady stuff?


This is Frenchy and I approve this message :wink:

Only recently found MTOP but since I have been there been such a funny, welcoming and passionate community. And always helps when you have a very solid project to back that up, for sure believe in this project and can see it doing very well in the future.


Guys, MetatroneDAO and I wish you the best of luck! Cool product and it should be in Harmony!


Glad you asked! I was one of the people that volunteered at HLY discord, like many others, to help with moderation although I had no affiliation with the project other than being interested in it. I was also one of the people that found the hidden wallet of Grail and exposed it to the community and banded with the rest of the mods to pressure Grail into a multi-sig to remove the unknowns.

Additionally, I had been trading full-time on Harmony for months at that point, got very good at trading all new pairs, and made a habit of going into Discords and asking for help without much thought. I have since learned from these mistakes the hard way during my transition from community member to project leader, but lost a lot of money and damaged my reputation in between. Turns out being a “degen” and a “project leader” don’t really jive. I have doxxed to both Petrify & Flu, who have cleared my name, and will doxx to Harmony of course - but I’m happy to talk about this further with anyone at all! There’s a lot more I’d love to share but cannot in this forum.

Since then, I’ve used these moments to motivate the creation of this very project months ago, and to implement Wallet Tracking and Wallet Blacklist features in order to warn potential retail investors that a particular coin has ties to a scam. Additionally, our great Mods have a 180+ wallet Blacklist (and growing), and constantly monitor the new pairs page on DexScreener / post on our #likely-scam discord channels here to mitigate something like that happening to anyone else.

Also - THANK YOU ALL FOR THE AMAZING SUPPORT SO FAR, and I’m looking forward to speaking with the Harmony team!


Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. We are in the process of reviewing your proposal and assigned to @jbeltran on behalf of the Grants Ops team.

We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread.


Looking forward to speaking with you @jbeltran. Happy to provide any additional information or answers to questions! I’m available nearly constantly on Discord to voice or video chat (username HarmonyWon#8073). Thrilled to see 40+ excited community members expressing their interest already.


At the top level of the project is a determined and communicative leader who is clearly passionate about delivering something with utility to harmony. My only concern is the divide between the professional/business-like vision Vs the immaturity certain team members demonstrate in discord which becomes tiring. Hopefully they’ll have a shuffle around and build a team which isn’t so tailored/influenced by teens. The project is very promising, has a solid foundation and lead with good intentions. It definitely deserves Harmony’s backing and assistance


Thank you for your comment! If you’re interested and have the time, please shoot me a friend request/DM on Discord (HarmonyWon#8073) to discuss the specific things you saw regarding a Mod or Team member. Would love to hear the specifics and discuss! We do keep things quite light in #general chat and I know it’s not for everyone, but I definitely don’t want us to come off us unprofessional or immature to any audience.


I think these kinds of trading tools would be a valuable addition to the Harmony ecosystem. The Dexscreener like charting ability, the one screen trading setup, and increased speed along with the spam and anti bot features would be a game changer for me. I support this proposal 100%.


I absolutely love what MTOP is aiming to do! A great project supported by a very transparent team leader in HarmonyWon. I look forward to seeing there continued success within the Harmony ecosystem! :smiley:


After an AMA with MTOP in early March, we had a fantastic (recorded) second AMA with the project here: Discord

We hope this conversation sheds light on all of the things MTOP is building and @HarmonyWon 's dedication. Hermes DeFi fully supports the funding of this project to help make Harmony a safer, better, and more diverse DeFi ecosystem.


THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Looking forward to tomorrow’s AMA also :slight_smile:


After reviewing this proposal and listening to a few AMAs, its apparent that the team brings significant benefit to Harmony. They have unprecedented research on Harmony projects which is an opportunity for their community to be early and still possibly avoid scams. Their discord has a high level of community engagement but also a staggering amount of resources/knowledge to trade safely and successfully.

The tech side on the POC swap aggregator looks incredible and its something that is very much needed with so many dexes. Any demos shown are fast, well designed, and well received. They have a keen eye for aesthetics and the experience, dedication, and passion to make a good product.

For those of you familiar with Moonarch, this seems to be a similar tool saving people from hundreds of scams by flagging known scams, contract flaws, etc. and it will help bring more entrants to Harmony. It empowers traders to protect themselves and “DYOR” more effectively. Tools like these are wildly popular and extremely important on other chains as scammers dominate new launches.

With the right mix of these tools and their community, this can build Harmony’s active trading user base with an eye towards maximum education and safety. It can be a huge deterrent to scammers to know they are watching. It is the necessary infrastructure to scale the trading sector which could alone bring hundreds of new users seeking to be a part of this and aiming to keep them safe and informed.

New traders in turn support new legitimate projects and as long as we can do this as safely as possible, its a benefit to everyone. It would be a net positive for Harmony to have a type of onboarding community like this for traders where we can be sure its being done as responsibly as possible with the goal of minimizing scams or loss through rigorous due diligence and custom software.

This team has show both an extremely high work ethic and earned trust of a very high energy community. The due diligence being done on wallets, tokens, funding wallets, etc. is unparalleled and shows the lengths they will go and work they will do to keep the community safe and map out everything happening on Harmony. Ultimately, we can all benefit when scammers know their scams will fail here and be exposed before massive user adoption can even happen. This only further builds legitimate projects building here to improve things and not steal money.

So building tools like this and fostering communities like this is one way Harmony can grow its user base beyond games. With more tokens and project launches, the chain must have tools like these and teams studying wallets and contracts so more and more traders feel they can at least take some precautions or have a dedicated team watching new tokens for known scammers, honeypots, or other theft. On top of that, building tools that are lean, not bloated with unnecessary code and with style, is something all developers can strive to do and its an good example to set of effectively developing custom software. Developers making custom code is better for Harmony than mere forks because then our developer community will be more skilled.

Overall, this community, team and product is an asset to this community and their team has encouraged a message we can all rally behind right now - that Harmony is to come together, build our way out of the bear market and make Harmony the best community we can so we are 100% supporting this. They have shown strong leadership to connect us all in a common goal of making Harmony better.

Go get em MTOP!


+1 ^
Yea pretty much agree with everything said


This response gave myself and many of our community members / team chills, so well written and on-point. @x7shadows I don’t blame ya for simply saying +1 hahaha. LOVE THIS COMMUNITY!


I’m so excited for MTOPSwap and as we do know the H1 ecosystem has a lot of DEXes and is quite confusing to the new investors, with this software, investors/traders would then be able to trade with ease without actually needing all of those tabs opened. This software will not only be helpful in H1 but in the whole Defi scene in general.

Also, to be honest, I’ve found the community of MTOP as one of the most engaging and interactive discord channels in Harmony. Everyone is welcoming and is really active on the latest updates on the H1 scene and it has helped me a lot and other people as well. Really thankful to the team and the community as a whole for having the dedication to help each other out.

MTOP LFG! :blue_heart:


Mtop was one of the first communities I found on Harmony and I really like how they are immediately welcoming to newcomers and continue to educate and help others succeed in the space. HarmonyWon is a great guy and I fully support this project and see so much potential here. This would be a major GET for the Harmony Ecosystem!


Thank you! Is there anything else we can do @jbeltran? I have not heard from anyone yet and am wondering if we’re missing something! Luckily we have a… very active community as you can see :slight_smile: - looking forward to introducing / saying hello!


This project came from a great idea, and it’s turning into something very special for Harmony.
Great Team, hardworking, fun and with a great love for crypto and our community.
I am a firm believer in developing products that make it easier for everyone to know about crypto, and feel safe about using it.
In my experience has a a newcomer, a dex aggregator is really a great way to help newcomers feeling conformable trading.
Another great feature is the use of nfts as monthly subscriptions.
Let’s Support builders.


Good morning:
I’m reviewing your project today.
Stay tuned, please.

Thank you for posting your proposal at Harmony.

:mechanical_arm: :blue_heart: