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Proposal overview

The idea was born with WC no Beat, a Brazilian artist and music producer, seeing from the producer’s point of view, a latent demand for a platform for the sale and purchase of digital stamps for music production. The aim is to make stamps trading accessible and decentralized from anywhere in the world.

The differential of our platform is beyond the ease of buying and selling by tokens, it is the support of the artistic community in Brazil and Latin, with great names in Brazil such as Pedro Lotto, Neo Beats, Rick Beats, Sango, DalePlay… and our ambassador WC no Beat.

Those great artists will open exclusive sales for a limited time, exclusive to them.
Our mission goes beyond the possibility of sale and that you can sell new artists to the whole world.

Proposal ask

For the first initial moment we thought of 20k for the initiation of the project’s mvp:

  • Platform deploy

  • Release exclusive beats from WC no Beat

  • Disclosure and press


In this first moment, to open the platform with a great launch of beats from WC no Beat. The artist no longer sells beats, so we will have the appeal of being an exclusivity.
We thought of a model that gives early adopters a preference to buy together with an auction model.

In parallel with this first release, we will start building a community of producers and artists interested in exchanging knowledge and experiences in the world of music production. Producers unknown to the community who are more engaged will be highlighted on the platform, being able to offer the beats. Lives, AMAs, face-to-face and digital meetings, among other tools to connect people and make a healthy dispute between them for development within the platform.

Categorizing beat offers into: famous producers, curated producers (engagement + curation), unknown producers.
These categories may change according to the dynamics that producers are producing. That is, an unknown producer with a good rating from users can become a cured producer, just as a cured producer can become a famous producer.

We will also have the possibility of searching through references, as it happens today on youtube, where producers offer their beats, using the term “type beat” to associate with some artist or referent style.

Users will have the power to manage the platform, along with the curation, choosing the next celebrities to be released, as well as quality voting between curated and unknown producers.

By creating a good interaction between users and producers, we will be able to engage and create the first community of audio producers on WEB 3, producing content and generating new artists for the medium of phonographic production.

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WC no Beat is a great artist! Pretty cool project and it’s nice to have you guys around!

Thanks bro, this is just one of the projects we thought of. We can articulate more ideas with the resources we have.

Thanks for your proposal, it has been assigned and the team will review and respond shortly :blue_heart:

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