#ONEquest 1wallet contest completed

I’ve completed all steps from 1c-4c. Here’s the tweet and screenshots of the steps follows in reply.
my 1wallet: one1kmhf8j5xv4vqlwgr72wcla9cqz0wgy9f63mzjc

Screenshot 2021-12-19 at 11.41.58 AM

  • Eric

1wallet creation

Shared some ONE to 1wallet

Bought NFT

Proud owner of crazy.one subdomain

What was your elapsed time for the entire process?

roughly 35 minutes including going through document and forum to find out how certain thing works.

@pjconleyy how am I doing in the competition?

and what was the date that you completed this on? December 21?

no. The date is 19 Dec 2021

Great job! This has been funded to the wallet above. Build Dapps on Harmony and continue to use this wallet!

Awesome! thank you :slight_smile: