#onequest - 1wallet contest

completed #ONEquest at super fast speed
Date- 07 jan 2022 at 21:18 (IST)

Actual time taken for step 1c to 4c - less than 2 min

brand new #1wallet creation took hardly half minutes from setting to receiving $ONE
other steps for the conteste altogether took me less than 2mins, which includes -buying NFT, Providing liqudity,Purchesing domaing


DaVinci NFT baught and Transferd to 1wallet

liquidity provided

please send me your wallet address.

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1wallet :- one1nhkcxz6sk2d2j0fmgqcdtxqhcw3eyfe3jjkjw4

This has been funded! Thank you for completing Harmony’s #ONEquest. Please continue to use this wallet and build Dapps on Harmony!

didn’t showing any entry in my wallet, will you please confirm once

1wallet :- one1nhkcxz6sk2d2j0fmgqcdtxqhcw3eyfe3jjkjw4

sir it isn’t funded yet