#ONEquest completion 20 Nov

I completed the #ONEquest on November 20 and was the only one to do so. It took me about some minutes to get onboard. Was helped by a friend on this. My wallet address is one137ha8ww5ryjjy8ku6j0cgvlldcv387wj0m8x78. I am attaching the screenshots below on the thread. P.S. @pjconleyy @lij.
This includes the wallet address, the domain I bought.

Metamask configuring the custom rpc for harmony.

block explorer for my address.

Harmony 3x3x3 culture nft bought

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I enjoyed doing it and would love getting involved further into the community for the ease that It provides.

Thank you for completing this and for posting it to this public forum. Please fill out the invoices sheet for the 500 ONE on harmony.one/invoices

Done!! Thanks a lot @pjconleyy.

Gentle reminder @pjconleyy @lij.