#ONEquest Done

ONEquest completed. Screenshot is being attached here with links. My wallet address is one1k2rcrryx47waf5ztcyjguz2x4f884lj5d56js8
wallet screenshot
I thanks @shreyansh for introducing me to harmony and guiding me through the process.

Domain and NFT bought

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Tweet screenshot and link

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Hi @pjconleyy , this is a gentle reminder

Hi @pjconleyy , a gentle reminder. It’s been a while since I completed the quest, can you kindly verify my work and let me know if there is any issue. Thank you :slight_smile:

All looks great. Thank you for completing the ONEquest and being a part of this amazing community!
Please fill out the form on harmony.one/invoices for the 500 ONE.


Hi @pjconleyy , as i could see in the block explorer, the transaction has been reverted with error. I am attaching the screenshot of the same. Here is the transaction hash of the same

@lij please view the above reply of the transaction being reverted.