#ONEquest Finished

I have successfully completed the ONEquest. thanks to @phoenix for guiding me through the whole process .Here I am attaching the screenshot and tweet link for verification @pjconleyy.
my wallet address is one14skdshu9j3tkypa9kutz8u9d3zdgjs9len4ls5


The last photo isn’t fully loading on my screen currently so it may be an error. But did you receive 10 ONE or does it say 0 for all of them?

Hello @harsh550 - I’m moving this over to the Community category which is better suited for this post. See @pjconleyy’s latest above for next steps. Thanks!

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In the explorer, it is showing only 0 ONE but i received 5 ONE. I am also attaching the full screenshot for the same. Thank you

When Did #ONEquest for 1Wallet finished?

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