Partnership Proposal Harmony <> DePocket

Hello @giv and Harmony team! In 1 or 2 sentences we can say that we are a long-term project that received funding from NEAR. DePocket is a DeFi tracker, an integrated DeFi platform that support people to manage and invest their cryptocurrency assets across multi-chain & multi-wallet

Depocket — The Bridge To Manage Your Investment in Different DeFi Protocols simplifies your experience to Defi Sector. They aim to become an platform that lets you quickly and easily manage your liquidity investment in different DeFi protocols, all from the single application

DePocket Dashboard’s other features:

NFT support: Manage the information of a user’s NFT collections.

Multi-chain x Multi-address: BSC, Eth, Polygon, etc. Not only manage your assets on Multi-chain but also tracking Multi-addresses to see aggregated total assets.

Market notification: Feature of supporting user notification on a market and
other information such as yield farming, staking interest, and APR/APY

On-chain API: DePocket provides an on-chain data API to help developers
access information of all major DeFi protocols quickly. DEPO token is used as
a native payment method for API usage.

DeFi utility: DePocket also provides a range of utilities such as Yield
Aggregator or a feature that helps users get the best prices from multiple
DEXs when swapping token.

Harmony x DePocket

Currently we have already integrated Harmony into our list of supported chains so users are now able to check balances and track portfolio via our Dashboard.

Therefore, we would like to talk to Harmony team to discuss how we can support each other in terms of Product & Marketing.

Kindly have a look on our proposal to understand more about DePocket and what we can do together: DePocket Proposal

Looking forward to hearing your idea about this cooperation :blush:

Telegram: @ Depocketchannel
Twitter: @ DePocketFinance

Contact our BD - Jay Nguyen
Telegram: @ jaydepo