Support Harmony’s DeFi Ecosystem on DeFiato

Support Harmony’s DeFi Ecosystem on DeFiato

Proposal overview

DeFiato is the next-generation centralized platform for DeFi staking, yield farming and financial services. Our founding mission is to remove technical barriers and give mainstream users the same ability that experienced large crypto players have to support their favorite blockchain projects, while earning rewards at the same time. Therefore, we are committed to providing a comprehensive suite of services that make it most simple, fast, and secure for users to access and be in complete control of their digital assets, while at the same time, receiving an extra stream of income from a range of the platform’s activities.

This grant is aimed at porting our current system to include the Harmony blockchain by listing the Harmony’s One coin so that Defiato can support DeFi projects developed and deployed on the Harmony platform in the future.

Why use DeFiato? What value can it bring?

For new users who want to enter DeFi, they encounter multiple technical barriers and financial risks commonly found in many decentralized platforms today. With state-of-the-art technologies, DeFiato provides an unrivaled user experience of the Centralized Exchange Graded platform with highest possible security designed with on-chain DeFi support in mind. Specifically:

  • Get started easily: No technical knowledge required. Enjoy a simple, intuitive interface, and guided implementation to earn rewards from your tokens. Our one-click-to-farm allows users to experience the benefit of cross-chain farming opportunities at the click of a button.
  • Highest security: Guarantee to safeguard your funds and ensure your rewards are credited on time.
  • Liquidity providing pools: We provide liquidity providing pools which allow users to start earning transaction fees by participating as liquidity providers.
  • IEO listing: As a part of our long-term plan to serve the crypto community, we provide an all-in-one platform for innovative blockchain projects to launch initial token sales, and make IEO participation safer, simpler, and more streamlined, for everyone.
  • On-chain trading support: Allow mainstream users to trade tokens employing the so-called tax structure to the transactions (e.g., Safemoon, Reflection, etc.) to do so freely without technical barriers.
  • Fiat Gateway: DeFiato will provide fiat gateway to enable users to buy / sell crypto directly with the DeFiato platform using fiat with multiple methods, such as bank transfers.
  • Make better decisions: We provide analytics and actionable token insights for you to make more informed decisions with your holdings.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Users can contact our customer agents at any time, and access training using our knowledge base.
  • Community Rewards: We help users bring financial opportunities to their friends and community, and as a bonus, they receive a steady stream of income too through the unique 3-level Referral Program.

Staking & Yielding

Staking and yield farming are great ways to maximize customers’ crypto holdings that otherwise would be sitting idle in your account. To start earning, users can simply deposit their cryptos into the pools of your choice. And all they need is to watch their crypto holdings increase, and grow the portfolios further by compounding those future rewards.

Furthermore, DeFiato works hand in hand with Prime Trust and Plaid to provide custodianship of assets and a comprehensive KYC’d approach that creates a seamless interaction between DeFi and fiat respectively. Customers don’t have to leave the platform for different kinds of transactions.

Marketing strategy and user acquisition

DeFiato is on its way to becoming the leading cross-chain platform for DeFi services with cross-blockchain support, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Avalanche, and Solana. In addition, our support for Fiat gateway is coming with Prime Trust and PLAID partnerships providing service to our customers worldwide. Thanks to our effective operation, DeFiato has attracted a great portfolio of participating investors, including leading DeFi-focused funds DAO Maker, Redline DAO, Avalaunch, Mirana Ventures (a venture partner of Bybit and BitDAO), CRC Capital, Double Peak Group, Dweb3 Capital and 7 O’Clock Capital.


DeFiato currently has more than 100,000 traders across the world. Its telegram group has more than 27,000 users.

Technology Platforms

DeFiato is available on web at and smartphone applications for both Android and Apple users, which lowers the barrier for user access.


We are a team of world-leading experts known for building industry-first products and services that accelerate the blockchain widespread for mass adoption. We have developed Beowulf Blockchain — the pioneer of the decentralized cloud network for communication services which has already amassed millions of users, and is currently providing immediately-available solutions in many fields, including education, healthcare, finance, transportation, and e-commerce. We are also the technology provider behind many centralized exchanges in Singapore. Please visit the Defiato website for more information.

Proposal ask

Porting grant: $50,000 to port our system to list Harmony’s One coin on

Metrics for success

Deposit and withdraw of One coin to/from

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Thank you for the proposal. A bounty would seem like a better fit here vs Port grant. Once the integration is completed and confirmed, you can request the payment. Let me know if this works for you.

Yes sure. Our aim is to support Harmony’s community with DeFi ecosystem.

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Excellent. Your bounty proposal has been approved! We look forward to seeing the completion of this integration.

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Hi @Drwilliam,

Congratulations to the team and welcome to the Harmony Ecosystem! :tada:

Just following up on if you’ve received instructions on funding?

Looking forward to the initiative to launch on Harmony’s Mainnet with the milestones.

Hi @cheualx,

I have not received instruction for the funding yet. We have finished the goal/milestone. Please help us complete the grant.



Please see my reply below.


Hi @Drwilliam - I do not see ONE on DeFiato.

hi @Drwilliam we see that the app is available now on Defiato app. Congrats!

Can you provide the following?

  • screenshots to the Defiato app on iOS and Android
  • a video tutorial for the installation, registration, crypto deposit, QR code generation
  • i didn’t see anything other than deposit at this time, is there token swap, staking and yield farming options?
  • any proofs of the work with Prime Trust and Plaid

Hi @Jacksteroo , I am Phuong from DeFiato team, I would like to answer your questions:

  1. Please see our apps on Apple store and Google play, we do have all screenshots there.

iOS: ‎DeFiato on the App Store

  1. Please see our tutorials of DeFiato on Youtube channel:
  1. We do integrating deposit / withdrawal and trading (swapping of ONE-USDT on Sushiswap) on Harmony Blockchain.
    This is our trading pair on DeFiato:
    DeFiato - Earn rewards for your crypto holdings

  2. We do integration with PrimeTrust on Fiat On-Ramp / Off-ramp through Plaid/ Wire transfer.
    We kicked start our 30 days count down event for launching the Fiat On-ramp/ Off-ramp

Feel free to follow our announcement channel.

Hi @Drwilliam,

A few questions to address on Mainnet:

  1. Timeline on Fiat Deposit for Web and App version?
  2. Will there be a release to Farm/Stake for ONE?
  3. Any features to use wallet extensions (ie Metamask or 1Wallet) for DeFiato?

Thank you!

Hi @cheualx

  1. Fiat deposit will come in 15 days from now.
  2. Farm/ Stake for ONE is on our roadmap in about 1 month or 2. It’s gonna be on SushiSwap
  3. Now you can connect your metamask to your DeFiato account to deposit ONE/ any token in HARMONY which is supported on DeFiato.

Hi @cheualx,

Our grant proposal was approved for the milestone of listing ONE coin on Defiato, which we have done. I wonder why you would come up with these irrelevant questions. It’s been so long since we finished the milestone. Is there any problem with the funding on your side?


Hi @Drwilliam,

We had start, stop, pivot on Grants. Hence new questions for bar raise. Let’s discuss.

What do you mean? Harmony needs to honor its grant promise, as it is a legal contract.

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Yes on binding. Let’s discuss

We have met the milestone: deposit and withdrawal of ONE coin to and from What else do you need?

Hi @cheualx , maybe you got some spare change from the grant you got for Nomad DAO that might be useful here?

Hi @Drwilliam,

We are currently reviewing. I do see ONE listed on For completeness we’re looking for functionality.

I noticed the deposit/withdrawal and swap on ONE is greyed out. I wasn’t able to proceed with swapping USDT/ONE nor click on the deposit or withdrawal. Is the ONE listing functional by swapping and able to deposit and withdrawal?

Hi @cheualx,

We disabled the withdrawal and deposit functions a few days ago because of the Harmony Bridge issue that gave wrong pricing on the ONE coin. We have opened it again as it is ok now. Please check.

Thanks for replying to my message. I hope we can finalize this grant soon.



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