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Pivot DAO


Demand for technological, social and emotional, and higher cognitive skills will rise by 2030 and dozens of millions of women will have to make a career shift to remain employed. GenX and Boomer women are specially at risk.

Good news: there is a huge employment opportunity in blockchain.

Bad news: most women can’t access it.

The blockchain ecosystem is male-dominated and is desperately devoid of diversity. A research published by Long Hashed showed that among 100 blockchain startups:

  1. Female employees accounted for just 14.5%
  2. There wasn’t a single female leader in 78 out of the 100 startups.

And if we focus on women that don’t speak English and are over 35 y/o, these low numbers plummet even more significantly.


PivotDAO is a social impact project focused on allowing Spanish speaking women over 35 to learn about (1) blockchain, (2) Web3 skills and (3) front-end and smart-contract dev so that they can pivot their career and build DAOs and projects and find jobs in Web3.
A second chance for their lives.

We have 3 mandates:

1. LEARN: To help women get top notch professional training that allows them to make this needed career shift and build an online educational platform focused on offering training and bootcamps on:

  • Blockchain fundamentals.
  • Advanced English.
  • Front-end dev.
  • Smart-contracts dev.
  • Web3 skills (product management, governance, tokenomics, asset tokenization, Web3 marketing and branding, design, technical writing, crypto law and taxation, community building…)

2. BUILD: To help Genx/Boomer Spanish speaking women build Web3 projects, dapps and daos, and get hired.

This is a professional platform with two areas:

  • Incubator for Web3 projects and DAOs built by women, that helps them validate their ideas, create and implement a sound business model, and support them in their funding needs.

  • Web3 talent agency that acts as a source of top female talent for Web3 organizations, DAOs and protocols.

3. THRIVE: This mandate focuses on helping women increase their leadership skills so that they can:

  • Sharpen their vision for the impact they want to make in the world through their work and presence.
  • Gain crystal clarity around important decisions and develop courage and resilience.
  • Deepen their ability to connect with others, through collaboration and cooperation skills.
  • Boost their personal development, healthy habits, self-care and mental health.
  • Build a community of female and Spanish-speaking leaders who will become role models for new generations.

Our community, DYORistas, is where women can find support and safety and can build connections and belonging.

It acts as the cohesive framework that connects all other areas and creates a solid foundation for cooperative ownership and governance structures to happen. This is the starting point for all women as, from here, they can choose their own learning path.

  • In 2021 the investment into Web3 startups zoomed up to $23.7 billion and the ecosystem is growing exponentially on a yearly basis.
  • There is a rising demand in Web3 talent and crypto firms are fighting for top talent with hundreds of job openings, but the vast majority of platform professionals are schooled in Web2 platforms.
  • 34,000 developers entered the blockchain ecosystem in 2021 - the highest ever recorded, but if Web3 has to grow to be able to onboard the entire world, it needs considerably more developers.
  • According to the UN, empowering women in the economy and closing gender gaps in the world of work are key to achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The more women work, the more economies grow.
  • Research from McKinsey shows that through 2030, we expect the fastest rise in the need for advanced IT and programming skills, which could grow as much as 90 percent from 2022 to 2030.
  • After the pandemic, we have entered the Great Resignation phase and women are changing jobs like never before.
  • Women are more likely to make a career shift than men and the average age a woman changes careers is 39 years old. Still, the middle-aged women segment is a much ignored demographic in the tech and blockchain ecosystem and no other project is focusing specifically on them.
  • Most educational blockchain projects rely heavily on a DYI model with no clear learning paths and random speaker sessions which can be overwhelming for most crypto newbies, and the vast majority of them are in english, which automatically excludes the potential hundreds of millions of Spanish speaking women that could be onboarded into the space.
  • There are some educational projects that are focused on providing tech and blockchain education for Spanish speaking women, but there is no focus on helping them cross the professional gap by helping them build Web3 projects and find work in the crypto space. We provide an educational, professional and personal experience from start to finish, taking into account all the areas involved in the success of this career shift for women.

In PivotDAO we not only focus on training, but also on building crypto projects in Spanish, which is where women will be able to find and create those opportunities. And all while taking care of their personal development and wellbeing processes.


There is 3 different business models in PivotDAO:

Professional learning platform: Freemium business model where students can access some courses for free but there’s also a premium paid/token gated section with advanced features, online programs and bootcamps, mentors and certificates of completion.

Scholarships will be offered to women who can’t afford to access the premium content.

Incubator : Each of the projects that we help develop applies for a protocol grant and PivotDAO gets a percentage of the grant and a small percentage of equity on the early stage of the project.

Crypto-recruiting agency: If a candidate accepts an offer through Pivot, and only in that case, we charge the organization, our client, a one-time commission of 8% of the candidate’s gross salary for the first year. We also apply an initial fee of €300 for the first assessment which will be deducted from the 8% commission if the process results successful.


We plan to launch our native governance token in Q4 - 2022, with a basic tokenomics model for our professional learning platform, the evolution of which will allow us to be sustainable in 2023.





  • SEO via weekly blog posts.
  • Content marketing in Social Media with specific channel strategies.
    • Twitter: Twitter spaces with community members.
    • Youtube and podcast: Interviews with top industry leaders.
    • Instagram and TikTok: Educational content via reels.
  • Influencer marketing.
  • Affiliate marketing.


  • Cross-channel social media and Adsense advertising.



Targeted inbound and outbound strategies to reach for conversion or partnership:

  • Blockchain protocols, DAOs and other Web3 organizations, etc…
  • Women focused associations, social platforms, foundations, etc…

In 3 months:


We have launched a v1 of our website (www.dyoristas.org) in Wordpress that serves as a space for information about the project, and in which we share our mission and our proposal. We are currently renewing it (www.pivotdao.io) to show our new orientation and objectives. We also have our logo and corporate image.


We have created a Discord community with a structure that facilitates onboarding, interaction and learning, with public categories dedicated to community building, and other categories dedicated to the learning process.

There are also two sub-communities in the server that are focused on front-end and smart-contracts development.

We provide structure, organization, monitoring and logistics, and in both programs we have experts that come to the community in bi-weekly sessions to guide the participants in their process, with tips and recommendations.

Metrics so far:

  1. Number of members: 700+
  2. Number of donors: 70 donors so far.
  3. Community engagement:


We have created a free, sequential and structured six-week training on blockchain fundamentals in 6 modules:

  • Module 1: Web3, decentralization and blockchain.
  • Module 2: Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Module 3: Cryptoeconomics
  • Module 4: DeFi
  • Module 5: DAOs
  • Module 6: NFTs
  • Appendix: Use cases

This training is offered through:

  • Weekly emails with the training content of each of the modules.
  • A list of curated resources in Spanish to DYOR.
  • Weekly Zoom study sessions hosted by the team.
  • Practical assignments and exercises.
  • An interaction and connection space in Discord specific to each module.

Metrics so far:

  1. Registration: 300 women registered in the second cohort of our training (organic reach).
  2. Training engagement: 64% average open rate in training emails.


We have created accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin where we publish content and create interactions consistently.

Metrics so far on Instagram:

  1. Followers: 700+ followers.
  2. Engagement:


We have set up a system for managing our teamwork using Notion as a workspace, and we divide our work into projects and tasks using a Kanban board to measure progress. The team also uses Discord where they coordinate and contribute with their work on a daily basis and have weekly meetings via Zoom.

Metrics so far:

  1. Number of volunteers: 10 working an average of 5 to 10 hours per week.


In national newslets.


We are receiving back-up and support from:


Q2 Q3 - 2022:
  • THRIVE: Launch of the leadership skills training area that is embedded in the community with 3 free basic courses and advanced leadership training for future token holders.
  • LEARN: Consolidate our dev school with partnerships with Andrea Vargas, Patricio Lopez and Andrés León.
  • Partnership with Mito Gallery and launch of an NFT course for the community.
  • 1000 women registered in our blockchain and dev bootcamps.
  • Create a pioneer blockchain school with explainer videos in Spanish handmade by a designer from the community.
  • Growth & marketing:
    • Create social media and community strategy
    • Identify and implement metrics and an action plan
    • 1500 instagram followers/500 twitter followers
    • Launch of our weekly blog
  • Launch first merchandising: t-shirts and mugs.
Q3 - 2022:
  • LEARN: Launch of the first training programs on Web3 skills: community building, tokenization, governance, cryptotaxing and law.
  • Launch of a PivotDAO hub in Perú, Argentina and Uruguay.
  • Celebration of the first PivotDAO live event in Madrid and Lima.
  • Launch of the mentoring process with the graduates of first cohorts.
  • Implementation of the Coordinape reputation system to reward contributors, incentivize participation and manage resources within the DAO.
  • 4000 women registered in our blockchain training since the beginning of the year and 1000 women registered in our programming learning processes.
  • Launch of a support program for middle aged women NFT creators.
  • Create partnerships with at least 2 sister DAOs/Web3 organizations in order to optimize the use of resources and amplify the impact on the community we reach.
  • Consolidate our social media strategy.
  • Relaunch of our Youtube channel with interviews with prominent experts in the crypto sphere in Spain and Latam, with focus on women.
Q4 - 2022:
  • Launch of the governance token and tokenomics model with access tiers, with the goal of strengthening the community and seeking sustainability. The token and different tiers will give access to governance and premium content and features. We will airdrop the token to the women that are active in the community but cannot afford it.
  • BUILD: Launch of the incubator on beta phase | 1st iteration: identify core team members, business model, clear metrics and connection to PivotDAO ecosystem structure.
  • First graduates of our Javascript, Python and Solidity training programs.
  • Launch of PivotDAO hubs in Argentina, Chile and Mexico.
  • Live events in Argentina, Chile and Mexico.
  • Launch of 2 DAOs or Web3 projects created by women in Spanish.
  • Launch of the first PivotDAO creators NFT collection.
  • Create partnerships with at least 3 sister DAOs/Web3 organizations in order to optimize the use of resources and amplify the impact on the community we reach.
2023 - Outcomes for Success
  • Consolidation of the training school and incubator and launch of the crypto-recruiting agency.
  • 20.000 women received free training in Web3 and dev.
  • Launch 6 women-led DAOs or Web3 projects in Spanish.
  • 200 women have found jobs as devs.
  • 100 women have found paid jobs in DAOs or Web3 projects.
  • Expansion and solid presence in Latam.
  • 10,000 Discord members.
  • Sponsored retreats focused on the three pillars of PivotDAO: leading, learning and building.

3-month bootstrap proposal total ask of $50k that we will invest according to the following plan:


Hana Kanjaa: Founder. Over the past ten years she has built a successful coaching training business as well as a solid personal brand in Spain. She has worked with hundreds of women in personal and professional development processes and become an expert in building online trainings, achieving excellent sales results through creative and effective branding and content marketing strategies. She is a great storyteller with an ability to perform persuasive and influential communication that builds engagement and curiosity in people and she’s been writing for a decade a steady newsletter to 15k subscribers. She is also a TEDx speaker and the author of the book “Querida Incertidumbre: te lo debo todo” (Penguin Random House). She is currently a Core Contributor in OlympusDAO.

Mónica Guerra: She is a Systems and Computer Science Engineer with a Masters Degree in Social Innovation and Solidarity Economy. She has a background in e-commerce technological solutions and business in LATAM with a focus in the financial industry. She also has experience in omnichannel customer service, best practices in business communities and protection of brand reputation in LATAM, as well as training and experience in agile methodologies in and out of tech ecosystems. She is a believer of collective intelligence and the power to build collaborative communities and she is a team member of TejeRedes.net.

Esther Perez: She is a Telecommunications Engineer with more than 20 years’ experience in different companies working as a Software Engineer and developer, as a Systems Engineer, and as a Technological Consultant and Auditor. She is also passionate about personal development and new technologies, and very interested in participating in new challenges in order to empower women groups, and increase the diversity and inclusion in the blockchain ecosystem.

Arantxa Brull: With a track record of 18 years of experience in Advertising, Marketing and Communication, Arantxa is a goal-oriented, demanding professional with a high commercial vocation and a high capacity for teamwork. She is also an entrepreneur and she was recently a partner and co-founder in the start-up Bioento, a biology, biotechnology, bioeconomy and green employment company, where she focused on raising capital.

Core Team

Vanessa Ramos: Technical computer engineer, programmer, analyst and project manager in large companies in the tourism industry for over ten years, coordinating national and international projects. She has a Masters Degree in Innovation and New Technologies applied to companies, and for the last five years, she has been helping companies in their digital transformation processes. Lecturer and trainer, always in the technological field. Her goal is to help people to understand and love technologies.

Leticia del Corral: She is a skilled expert in B2B strategic marketing and sales, with ample experience designing successful international business strategies.
She has a bachelor degree in Law and Business administration, she is a teacher in B2B Management Program in ESADE Business School and she is vice-president of the Spanish B2B sales and Marketing association. For over 10 years, she has worked in several multinational companies in the tech sector and she is B2B strategic consultant and trainer helping B2B CEOs to make their companies more profitable.

Carla Castelló: Chemical Engineer and MBA in IE Business School. She has a transversal knowledge management due to her experience in different departments as production, operations , international trading and general management. Curiosity moves her to a non stop learning process in different fields as leadership, lean manufacturing, human resources, investment and blockchain. With a long term view philosophy, now she combines the general management in a raw materials international trading company and as a COO in a crypto startup (reental.co) focused on a real estate tokenization

Susana Bemeris: Entrepreneur and a lawyer and she has been involved in several online businesses and high demand work environments where she developed a high capacity for teamwork and people management. Resourceful, problem solver and driven, last year she discovered Defi, got involved in several Daos and now she is very passionate about community building and all the benefits that decentralized systems are bringing.

Laura Alba: Web developer, Web3 enthusiast, founder, mentor and contributor in several communities in the technological field. For more than 15 years she has developed different roles in the IT area as an analyst, developer, project leader, manager, and technology advisor. Technologies used PHP, Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and content management systems, and more. Lover of good practices and Free Software. Her goal is to onboard more women into IT by creating customized professional paths. She is based in Uruguay.


Beatriz Infanzon: Financial copywriter and Web3 writer. She writes texts for companies in the financial, accounting sector and emerging industry Web3. Her goal is to make the complex understandable. So she transforms technical information and jargon into articles and content that are simple and easy for the public to understand.

Silvia Herrero: Degree in tourism and degree in IT security and finance and she has been involved in crypto for the last 5 years where she is dedicated to consulting in digital asset investments. Currently learning to program smart contracts in Solidity and setting up a mining rig.

Laura Cristiano: with a background in Psychology, Lean, Design Thinking and Lean & Agile methodologies. She has been working as a community manager for the last years and she is now learning smart contract development and crypto taxation.


Un proyecto imprescindible en el nuevo marco tecnológico y muy necesario para las mujeres de más de 35 en español.
Vuestro trabajo en Dyoristas es increíble y con PivotDAO será todavía mejor.


Merece la pena darle el impulso que necesita, es un proyecto maravilloso pilotado por mujeres maravillosas que saben de donde vienen y sobretodo hacia dónde van y este proyecto es simplemente espectacular en todas sus facetas.


Work on diverisity on the crypto ecosystem and believe women can be part of the change :slight_smile:


Muy interesante. No deja de sorprenderme estás iniciativas tan necesarias para el escenario que se avecina. Gracias y suerte!


Feliz de estar en este proyecto!! Es imprescindible que todas tengamos acceso al mundo que nos rodea sin que nuestra edad nos limite, a por todas!!


Una iniciativa increíbles,una apuesta segura para llegar a muchas personas de manos de unas MUJERES MUY GRANDES…Vamos a full con ellas…


Creo que es una de las mayores apuestas para mujeres que se ha hecho en nuestro país, en un entorno muy bien cuidado y facilitando herramientas para el aprendizaje y para compartir conocimientos. Brillante idea y enorme potencial .


Un proyecto imprescindible,si queremos garantizar un acceso igualitario. Necesitamos información y sostén,para poder acceder. Y este proyecto nos ayuda en ello.


Gran iniciativa para mujeres que quieren estar al día y crecer con los nuevos cambios que nos vienen. Que sea en Español es de gran ayuda ademas de lo bien estructurado que esta. Super necesario proyectos así, y eso que solo es el inicio. Le veo mucho futuro a Dyoristas.


Chicas adelante! Imparables y a por todas!


Una iniciativa completamente imprescindible para destapar el talento femenino que hay también en las nuevas arquitecturas y visiones.

Hacen un trabajo increible desde la genialidad de hacer simple lo complejo.

Las verdaderas semillas para un mundo mejor se crean en proyectos como PivotDAO.


Enhorabuena por este proyecto tan necesario para los tiempos presentes y los que vienen. Y un equipo fabuloso. Que siga adelante con toda su fuerza e impacto. Gracias esta plataforma y a por todas, Cristina


¿Un proyecto Crypto formado por mujeres y para mujeres? Hay que estar ahí sin duda! Recuerdo cuando empecé (hace pocos meses) y me preguntaba… ¿Dónde están las mujeres?


Hi, this course and community helped me a lot to learn the basic concepts and feel confident to participate in blockchain conversations, and now I have new business opportunities. The organising team is really committed and always available. Thanks and I hope the team can helping a lot of women.


Increíble el espíritu que se vive en este proyecto y el potencial que tiene. Es imprescindible en el día de hoy. No hay otra cosa igual.
Gracias por hacerlo posible!??. No puede quedarse aquí !


Es un proyecto muy necesario. Tiene en cuenta a sectores sociales que habitualmente se olvidan. Es muy potente y con muchas fortalezas.


Bienisimo proyecto, ya ha ayudado a muchísimas mujeres a integrarse en la web3 y la visión a futuro es súper útil y valiosa. Yo ya estoy muy agradecida y tiene mucho más que ofrecer.


Creo que este GRAN PROYECTO debe continuar !!!, la Energía, Sinergia, Temática, Conocimientos, GANAS, Herramientas, debemos conservar esto tan IMPORTANTE PARA EL DESARROLLO DE TOD@S !!!.- Es una idea muy muy buena y tiene todo para crecer y desarrollarse.- ADELANTE !!!


La manera de aterrizar en el presente. Las ganas y la motivación se contagian y este conocimiento debería ser materia obligatoria desde primaria: pensar, observar y atender la realidad desde la mejor perspectiva.
El roadmap es espectacular, y sinceramente, creo que se queda corto con la energía que está tomando el proyecto, que más que proyecto diria la béstia.
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