Planning critic

Please avoid the following when making roadmap plans.
Please avoid stovepipe planning. Building a plan without taking input from those that the plan impacts. My metaphor is to avoid planning to use someone’s debit card without coordinating with them. The debit charge being the impact of the plan. Anyone can have a great idea. Amateur planners fail to respect the process of selling that idea to the people it impacts. There is a tendency for new planners in leadership positions to make decisions because they are in a leadership position without coordinating with those that the plan impacts. My suggestion is to have a great idea - coordinate with the folks that idea will impact for feedback - adjust the idea - implement idea. Specifically, this is the second time Harmony core team has made a decision (first: minting a ton of ONE to pay for the bridge hack and second: now changing the tokenomics) without socializing the plan with the community it will impact. Please avoid stovepipe planning.

If your plan is so great, socialize it. Sell your plan. If the community argues against the plan based on unhealthy motives, then you can take their feed back or gamble on getting a new community that supports your plan. Please realize the latter is high risk and assumes you have done this before. This is crypto so no you haven’t.

Example dialogue: Hey guys, I’m thinking about doing this, what are your thoughts? Why does my idea suck? My goal is to get this, if my method sucks, how would you improve it or what better idea do you propose?