Opinion on the Roadmap Dates

Just wanted to share this post from santiago.miramontes#956, which I thought had some really good and well formulated Ideas:

“Opinion on the roadmap dates:
Time driven vs Event driven.
We need to stop using dates that keep sliding on the roadmap. If the date is meaningful, let’s put a date (deadline) and hold ourselves accountable to meet that deadline. If we can’t meet the deadline because it is out of our control, then let’s use milestones as a metric of progress - call it event driven.
For example, the BTC Bridge had a bunch of meaningless dates that created the false expectation things would happen on those dates.
Some would argue that is the price of being transparent and that things happen so deadlines shift. I’m not arguing that things don’t happen, I’m arguing that we can do better communicating how we should EXPECT things to unfold.
Clearly, using dates isn’t the right method to measure the BTC Bridge launch/progress.
Calling it an event driven launch (using milestones to communicate progress) is how we should have communicated the progress of the BTC Bridge, as well as all the other projects pending launch on Harmony - especially projects we don’t have control over.
Time driven metrics are useful but not applicable to all situations.
We need to be precise so that we generate the right type of expectation. Not doing so generates frustration. Frustrating folks isn’t good for anyone - full stop.
Deadlines are a valid tool, no doubt. The issue I have is that the dates on the roadmap are meaningless. It’s frustrating. Stop using them. "
We are waiting for Chainlink to launch on Harmony before moving forward with BTC Bridge. We are working with Chainlink to fit into their work flow. Updates to follow as they occur” is a much better statement of progress than putting a date or date window as if that means anything to anyone.
It is meaningless information if you can’t use it to make a decision."

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