Pocket Network to support Harmony with RPC service

Pocket Network prepares to support Harmony


  • Harmonauts
  • Harmony decentralized App Developers
  • Harmony Validators

Important Dates:

  • ~Wednesday 10/06/2021


We at Pocket Network have formalized our initiative to whitelist Harmony blockchain for our community of Node Runners. What this means is that Full and Archival Harmony Node operators will start earning POKT rewards for serving Harmony relays in our Pocket Network.

In our community discord we have made the announcement that Node Runners in our community can start running Harmony node service approximately 10/6/2021. This is also a great opportunity to join the Pocket Network community if anyone wants to run Harmony service as well as 20+ other blockchains.

This is the first of many planned steps to grow both the Harmony ecosystem and Pocket Network community. As mentioned in an earlier forum post, Harmony growth potential is quite vast with Cross-Chain with Trustless Bridges, Social Wallets with Keyless Security and Cross-Border with FinTech Integrations. Pocket Network can support this ecosystem with its RPC service that is supported by >6k Full-nodes, and our Pocket Portal that is an easy 3 clicks away from minting an endpoint.

Feel free to reach out to us at our discord for more info or ping me @RichCL directly!


:raised_hands: great to see you here @RichCL

In case you missed it, this is one of the first steps behind the effort of this kickoff

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