POKT Network Discussion

Harmony is looking for validators to use the POKT network to support harmony with RPC Nodes.

You can read more here: https://talk.harmony.one/t/investments-decentralize-rpc-service-via-pocket-network-node-runners/2167

and also here: https://talk.harmony.one/t/pocket-network-to-support-harmony-with-rpc-service/3682

We would like to use this thread to discuss setting up and using the POKT network and give a chance for validators to share their experiences.

Details on setting up a node are here:
POKT Node Runner

Harmony will be looking to stake 16,500 POKT to ~9-10 node runners to start which should be enough past the 15k minimum required byt the POKT network.


I will be interested in trying this out as I was just asking about RPC issues on Reddit earlier today.
What will be involved as I couldn’t really find much information about running an RPC node.

Will Harmony be funding this trial?
Another thought I was wondering is if this be something that can be championed by a DAO?
I mean having POKT nodes is great but I was thinking if a DAO can be created with its main goal being having RPC nodes that are not dependent on anyone else (harmony or pokt)but the community.

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i just updated the question to include this link :stuck_out_tongue:

Harmony state that they will help with the initial stake to run a node. Although there is some discussion if the minimum 15k is sufficient and something like 16500 is more of a solid amount.

The rewards will be yours.

maybe @Jacksteroo can elaborate further on what Harmony can offer in terms of staking.

Maybe a DAO is a good idea but if you wish to go down that path please put forward a proposal in the DAO section here DAO Proposals

I Was following the discussion at the official Discord server. And got interested by that. How the process will be held? I got there that will be 2 phases, each with some seats?

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This initiative is being run by @Jacksteroo and afaik there will be 9-10 slots for now each with 15-16500 POKT to be staked by harmony.

The exact process I am sure @Jacksteroo can explain further here (I will add any additional information to the main post)

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I’m interested in helping out with this. Would love to add more stability for Harmony’s RPC services. I’ll dig through their docs and the discussion on discord to figure out what sort of setup/management it will require.


Happy to facilitate any suggestions decided by the governors. 16,500 POKT works.


We really need to focus on this. To get a more robust RPC is a must at this point. We are seeing RPC issues on a very frequent level lately.


Ah yes thanks for the link. I saw this earlier today, this falls about what is needed on the pokt side, but not on the Harmony side. Is a RPC server just the same as a validator node?
Yea I will think about the writing a DAO proposal although tbh the way the VDAO1 term issue is being handled makes me a bit hesitant.


It acts in a similar fashion to a validator node but it is used to relay data rather than sign blocks.

Basically you setup a node with no blskeys, only syncing and also install the POKT node. Then expose the node via http. This means the synced data is available to the public via POKT.

For a more detailed technical discussion please have a chat on the harmony discord and check this section of the POKT docs.

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I’m very interested in running a POKT node.

I was looking in to this previously but am unsure of the server requirements. The main issue being storage.

Does this need to be an archival node? i.e. ~ 16TB storage?

No, just normal explorer node size. Same as validators

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Explorer Node: Recommendation

Setup : AWS i3en.12xlarge or equivalent Storage : 15000 GiB (4x NVMe SSD) is recommended for Archival Explorer Nodes on Shard 0 OS : Latest Ubuntu Linux (LTS Version) Network : 100M+ bandwidth

source: Requirements - Harmony

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Oh nice… that makes it easy enough… I think you should be able to run it on a validator node with BLS keys, just that you might need a higher end server to deal with signing and POKT relay… In anycase, sign me up, I am definitely interested in doing this

@Jacksteroo can you confirm what node is required?

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Definitely interested in this, we’re CryptoManufaktur at cryptomanufaktur.io. Will spin up a node.

Are you looking for RPC pokt nodes across all shards, or primarily shard 0?


Primarily shard 0 for now

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Great. Once there’s some clarity on whether this should be / needs to be an archive node, we can get going.

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Also waiting on that information

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@Jacksteroo We appear to have a good bit of interest here, please can you elaborate on the questions?

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