RPC DAO Council Q1 2022 Candidate: Rich Cuellar-Lopez


I would like to contribute to the RPC DAO and continue to give to the Harmony community.

Who am I?
My name is Rich CL. I learned about Harmony in Summer 2021 and have hooked since. Since then I have been involved with Harmony through my role at Pocket Network. I head up the Marketplace team and have worked hand-in-hand with the Harmony validator committee to get them to share full node service, members of the Core team to scale up DevOps collaboration, and have helped bring over 25k+ full nodes to serve Harmony RPC endpoints since November. I have personally been in touch with several hard working Harmonauts that have lifted mountains to bring Harmony where it is now.

Prior to my role at Pocket Network, I have made contibutions to the MakerDAO community and used to work in major Tech and Finance companies.

What have I done?
As mentioned in the <Who am I?> section, I have worked alongside great people to provide a reliable and fast RPC service to Harmony thru Pocket node runner community. In particular -

  • I authored this forum update, and was co-author to this proposal.
  • I hosted a Harmony happy hour in NYC.
  • I have also spent many hours with heroes in DeFi Kingoms enjoying Harmony’s ecosystem.

What can we I contribute in the future?
The main thing I can contribute is a first hand experience of how we can diversify and truly scale the RPC service.

There have occasionally been concerns about who controls the RPC service in Harmony and the answer is ultimately the Harmony community. There are multiple endpoints that this RPC DAO can help distribute and scale. We can also onboard different providers and make sure there is the redundancy that the users deserves. We can also make sure we equip the existing solutions with the right support to make sure RPC service has 100% uptime and consistent latency.

I strongly agree with the premise of this DAO and aim to build upon best practices as well as scalable solutions.

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