Proposal to pivot Harmony into L2 based on ZK Stack

Hey team!

It becomes increasingly evident that this cycle is a cycle of L2s. Lens is launching its own L2, Zerion is launching its own L2, and every week, a new project announces the launching of its L2.

Like all of you, I keep thinking about how we could help restore Harmony to its former glory.

I propose

  1. To pivot into L2
  2. To choose ZK Sync stack and join the force with Zerion, Lens, Cronos, and many others
  3. To become the main ZK Sync chamber in the US

My Rational

  1. ZK is a superior stack than OP
  2. ZK Sync foundation will build its own sypperchain
  3. And it sounds like really good timing

Let me know what you think! Happy to chat about it, here or at

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