Proposal to Round Robin Slots to all eligible validators before filling up additional slots

I would like to start a conversation about helping out the small validators by cycling through the validators in a round robin fashion. The thought here is to ensure that each validator taking the time to setup as a validator and the delegates supporting them are not left out of rewards. I also think certain criteria should be in place like establishment of at least x EPOCHS and having an availability above 9y%. Fill in a number for X and Y that is acceptable to all. This ensures that everyone who wants to be a validator is given the opportunity to do so. Larger validators that are applying for numerous spots should be round robin for the first few iterations as well. This distributes the power more equally and gives anyone a chance to participate as a validator who is willing to fork out 10k in ONE to do so. Also gives more of a distributed vote and we move closer to a more decentralized network. Which is the goal and should be the end state of all of this. IMHO. Thanks for listening.

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This is a great proposal. And if this forum refuses to go forward with the other proposal(s) that attempt to tackle this same issue, then I will fully support this one

Action must be taken