Saving Harmony liquidity through the power of a Social project/token.

Anyone who knows me will also know my interest in social projects and social tokens.

The reason behind this is that I witness a future of the blockchain where we get rid of the actual system where everything with value is based and dependent on liquidity. Which the end always ends going down as soon anything affects it and the value of tokens and projects dissipates and crumbles under the economic value behind of them

A social Token and a Social token is a different concept where tokens and project receive liquidity and even can offer an attractive possibility of increasing the investment in economic terms but is not the priority nor the main value

Where the value comes from in a Social Token if it’s not dependent on the economic value of a token? It comes from the community

And when I mention the Community I speak about the real value that the community can bring to the project through the knowledge, the participation, the work, the involvement, the resources, and the possibilities that the individuals forming it are able to generate and create.

Artists, Developers, Professionals of different expertise, companies, foundations, and classic investors are able to offer services, generate products, content, campaigns, and events in the virtual and in the real world

This is real value and is valuable and measurable in economic terms, it can be extrapolated as

advertising, services, or goods, and any investor has an interest in the value of their identity, their money, their company or their brand to access to this kind of value

The idea of creating a social token/project to bring back the money lost in the hack has as a base the value of the community being the reward for the investors instead of the money they put in.

The project to fund back the 100M lost, would be backed by the community who is investing in it and every investor would play a role in it. The economic investment would not go back to the investors in the shape of liquidity, the liquidity will be mainly stored to the end to accomplish its goal, instead, the reward will be being part, participating, and using and getting the benefit of the services that we would be generating.

Of course, people would not be investing and working for free, a well designed system of connecting, groups, possibilities, and skills would be elaborate, and the community will be participating in these groups offering their skills, knowledge, their goods, and services to a pool, but not to a funds pool but to a community pool based in the value of the people forming it

In this way we could have Art, Development, Strategy, Advertising, Goods and Services, in the virtual and in the real world in that pool and the investors would be able to use in their benefit these services and goods in exchange for the economic investment made in the pool to refund the project.

Basically, we would be creating a token/project where its value of it is the human value of its investors.

For the community investors, it would mean a chance to acquire valuable products, development or art or collaboration or advertising in exchange for the economic value they deposited that would be calculated in terms of discounts, priority and deals among the different groups

Basically, the concept is to make the investors in the token/project to obtain a benefit that will be at the end more valuable than just raw money.

I know is a difficult concept to understand but I see it as the future of the blockchain and the door to open our space to the rest of the world who are tired of hearing about scams, greed, hacks, and frauds.

A real social opportunity to create a different kind of value that I believe matches well with the decentralized spirit of Harmony and that well applied could help to have our network back

I will let here an example of a project that I was designing with YUN for an upcoming project before the bear market started where you can witness how a social project works over a document

Anyone who is interested in debating, talking or expanding and designing this concept and who believes can be a real model to get back the money we have lost and at the same time bring an opportunity to Harmony to be loyal to its principles and become a model in the space is able to participate, feel free to contact me here, or in private for more information, ideas, suggestions,

In the end, this is a social project and can be done only if it has a community interested in backing it up as the main value.