Harmony - Build Trust

Not sure if this is the right spot to put this on but I have an idea for the Harmony One team that will help build trust and confidence, as well as increase investor capital.

  1. Need to get listed on the lending platforms (BlockFI, Nexo.io, Celcius)
  2. Make validators easier obtainable (10k USD worth of Harmony at current price can bring in more validators to the ecosystem).
  3. DEFI - Create a lending platform for the stakers / Delegators
  4. Increase the staking output - Most of us are getting about 50 dollars worth of Harmony a month. Can’t do much with that type of reward.
  5. Get connected with the other projects like Polkadot, Reef, Polkacity, etc
  6. Create a bank for us.
  7. Daily progress updates/reports or at least weekly

Make it a goal for Harmony to be able to let the people debank themselves and contribute to the original envision that crypto is supposed to be - Empowering the people.

  • I never posted anything or got in deep with a project, but because I like Harmony, I want to contribute as many ideas that I can. My thoughts are poorly written because i have a migraine so forgive me if this does not look professional at the moment.

I like how Harmony has been “activated” socially those last months. I do like the project.

Regarding the % ARP in centralized apps like Celsius/Nexo/BlockFi, I believe that’s bad for decentralization. I am really happy with the rewards from Web stacking.
The validator was something I wanted to support but did not have the hardware neither the funds in the past.

  • for Defi
  • For the rewards. I get less but I am happy. 12% has remained stable in two validators for the last 7+ months, while other coins (e.g. Zil) has been decreased at half since its beginning.
  • Bridge with other projects will only be positive.
    For 6 I have some doubts.
    For 7, it’s a plus.