Sesameseed - dex on harmony

we are exploring building a decentralized exchange with sesameseed, who have been one of harmony’s mainnet validators since open staking launch. this is a work in progress grant proposal, we’ll post updates here.

apply 6/17
start 7/20
amount $25k
users crypto: 1M
category defi: bridges, stablecoins, oracles
:family_woman_woman_girl_boy: emoji
name sesameseed
x for y idex for hrc20 tokens
1-liner decentralized exchange for HRC20 token holders to convert their tokens into other HRC20 tokens through automated price discovery liquidity pools
bio juliun brabon: elected harmony mainnet validator, former senior level operations in the pharmaceutical industry at and Jarrow Industries
town los angeles, california
:notes: community bigcryptoking
:innocent: angels theartistmsg
:crossed_swords: captains :cowboy_hat_face: marshall
:pick: validators Blockdaemon :brick::imp: Validator
:woman_technologist: eng harmonauts :money_with_wings: dennis
:woman_astronaut: biz harmonauts :necktie: nikos
current traction
prior grants / engagements
team size 5
team cost, time commitment 25 hours/week
social: telegram, twitter 4k tg, 9k twitter
7-day metric targets
active users 100
retention rate 50%
assets $100k+
transactions 1k
volume $10k
6-week deliverable / milestone targets
1: testnet , $10K in liquidity pool
2: demo, ama
3: docs, blog
4: mainnet SEED/ONE, DEX framework, website, $50K in liquidity pools for ONE & SEED
5: users/assets $4,000 daily transaction volume
6: marketing create 500+ word article, announcement on Sesameseed Telegram and Twitter, send announcement newsletter to all Sesameseed users
license MIT / BSD 3-clause or 2-clause license

Harmony Grants are to drive our platform’s mainnet utility :wrench:, decentralized community :family_woman_woman_girl_boy:, and cryptographic innovations :zap: — aligned with our 2020 roadmap on cross-border finance :money_with_wings: and auditable privacy :shield:.

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