SonicSwap 2.0 - transition from a simple yield farm to a complex mini-ecosystem within Harmony!

Congrats SonicSwap! Looking forward to seeing progress soon.

Good afternoon @jbeltran,

Just a short update: we’re awaiting for the addresses from your side, so we can complete the MultiSig setup.

The setup guide link doesn’t seem to be working but we’ve went through those guidelines before we’ve applied for the grant, so we are following the process as we remember it.

As per the guidelines:

The wallets ready for the multisig are brand new, with no prior interaction with any dApps whatsoever to ensure maximum security possible. We’ve also made sure to set them up securely on different devices.

The guide has mentioned that 6 wallets is the minimum for setting up the multi-sig. 4 of the wallets are ready (2 KYCed team members) & currently awaiting for 2 wallets from your side.

Should you have any questions or concerns - please, don’t hesitate to let us know! We hope we’ve interpreted the process correctly.

Looking forward to hearing back from you! Have a great day!

oops , didn’t see y’all got approved hehe , congrats!

Hi there.
Did you send documentation to the KYC email and follow the step-by-step process in the link?

Harmony Funding FAQ

The link for the multisig it’s working for me:
Harmony Multisig Wallet

Thank you

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Hey @jbeltran,

Hope you’ve had a fantastic weekend!

Yes, we’ve followed all the KYC instructions - the KYC email has been prepared properly & sent out promptly. The MiltiSig link is operational, the link to the documentation isn’t ( We’ve completed the MiltiSig setup as well, so just wanted to let you know! Here is the link to our MultiSig: Harmony Multisig Wallet.

Feel free to let us know what day works best for you. We were hoping to have a video chat with you on Monday but haven’t heard from you over the weekend, so feel free to let us know what day works best for you.

Should you have any more questions - please, don’t hesitate to let us know! :blue_heart:

Good day folks,

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

As per our recent video chat with @jbeltran, here you can find short walkthrough videos for our cloud mining website (part of our first completed milestone)! At this moment, we are uploading 2 videos:
1 - Navigation;
2 - Booking Methods - Manual & Automated by SonicPay.

It’s my very first time doing a proper walkthrough, so I apologize for any awkward pauses along the way! With the help of the funding, we would also like to give more incentivized opportunities to video content creators & influencers who’d be interested in contributing to the SonicSwap & Harmony ecosystems by creating & sharing high-quality educational material!

Please keep in mind that website will be undergoing a huge UI upgrade in the future (one of the later milestones on our roadmap). Currently this is a fully operational proof of concept with it’s own user & booking database, functional booking system, etc. In the meantime, we will keep consistently tweaking the current version to ensure maximally intuitive smooth user experience.

Shortly after this post we’ll be uploading short walkthroughs for our unique NFT Raffle & Cloud Mining Passes as well! Stay tuned!


We also would like to present an example of the cloud mining tracking for the potential users & the grant committee to see.

@jbeltran has tested our booking system by booking a Ravencoin slot & he has been able to track his progress in real time here. Tracking links are provided upon the start of each slot for the users to be able to easily access important information, such as their uptime, hashrate, & progress towards their payout thresholds.

This is a generic example of how users’ mining tracking looks like, depending on the mining pool used. Overall, tracking progress indexes are the same or similar among all the mining pools. With the future UI upgrade for, we’re aiming to create an internal tracking system for the convenience of our users. In the meantime, we have a chance to offer some of the mining pools partnerships that will benefit all parties involved - pools, SonicSwap Ecosystem, & Harmony as a whole!

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Old post. But is still true!

Hey guys,

Hope everyone is having a fantastic start of the week!

Please find our walkthrough for NFT Cloud Mining Passes attached!

We’ve just finished another raffle, so I’ll explain it in a couple of words here without creating a video. SonicSwap.IO NFT Raffle is one of our original tools created from scratch by our co-founder & lead solidity, backend, & frontend developer Sonicstar. The primary goals of SonicSwap NFT Raffle are:

  • to incentivize participation in SonicSwap & Harmony Ecosystems (winners get 25% of the SONIC prize pool’ & raffled NFT);
  • to acknowledge, involve, promote, & reward local HarmonyONE artists & collectors (beneficiaries gets 25% of the SONIC prize pool);
  • to reduce total SONIC supply by burning 50% of each SONIC prize pool.

Entry barrier for our raffle is very low, so everyone has a chance to join at a very affordable cost - one ticket costs 100 SONIC tokens only! The more tickets users purchase, the higher chances are to win the raffle. Once a raffle gets launched, community spreads the word via social media channels. Winner gets drawn 3 days after participants surpass 1000 tickets purchased in total. Once the threshold of 1000 tickets is reached, users have a 3-day window to purchase more tickets before winner gets drawn by executing a smart contract. Once the raffle is over, everyone can go to the raffle page & find out who winner is & txhash attached to the raffle draw.

This concludes our first major milestone:

Bear in mind that we will keep improving all of the tools above because that’s simply what we’re here for! The community already loves what SonicSwap offers, however we strive to make SonicSwap, as well as Harmony as a whole, more sustainable, intuitive, & affordable for everyone willing to join!

Once this post is live, we’ll be submitting 2 more Google forms to the Harmony team for the completed milestones. At this point, we believe we’ve done everything that’s needed to be done in order to receive the funding for our completed milestones @jbeltran. Feel free to let us know should anyone have any questions or concerns! Thank you, once again, for this great opportunity. We’re looking forward to continue BUIDLing full-force & expanding our target markets to reach more & more Harmony adoption globally!


It’s on my side now to check the milestones.
Will keep you update.
Already approved the first two.
Have to check the rest.

Thank you


Great job on the Video M87!

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone!

A quick update - we’ve been informed today that @jbeltran is no longer in charge of our grant application & @cheualx will be taking it from there. Great to have you with us Al & thank you very much for all your hard work Juan!

Just to keep you in the loop Al, we’ve concluded our first milestone about a month ago, which has been pre-approved by Juan, & at this point we’re looking forward to hearing further instructions:

You can also find walkthroughs for the concluded milestone in these 2 posts: 1 & 2.

Feel free to let us know should you have any questions! We are excited to hear from you!


Was hoping for some more communication regarding the timelines on the resuming of grant funding, and the 6month exclusivity contract so we are able to properly plan ahead. As of now we are still in the dark as to how to proceed, and if we were to go cross-chain in the meantime we have no idea how this would affect us on harmony as there hasnt been any type of concrete initiatives yet on the grants, the limitations for cross-chain builds, fundings payout timelines, clarification on the 6month contract etc… we just wish to have some proper information regarding all of this so our project can remain actively building, rather then stuck at a stand still in limbo.
Any type of information would be appreciated.

Thank you.


100% agree!

Some clear communication would certainly help right now :blue_heart:

@lij @stse @giv @Sam @Jacksteroo @papi @cheualx @Flu @dpagan-harmony


yeah we all in the same boat sadly

@M87 finalized milestones:

$10k upon HNS beta launch + 100 users
$10k upon HNS mainnet launch + verified + 1k user + demo
$10k upon NFT marketplace beta launch + 100 users
$10k upon NFT marketplace mainnet launch + 1k DAU + demo
$10k upon *Integration + $1M volume + audit + opensource + dappradar

*Integration of Harmony Name Services (HNS) domains listing as NFTs on your native NFT marketplace.

Be mindful of the timeline for completion of each milestone illustrated on Looking forward to this project. :blue_heart:


Hey @cheualx,

Thank you for the update!

We would like to inform you that our first milestone has been concluded:

Should you have any questions or concerns - please, don’t hesitate to let us know!


Good afternoon everyone,

Just a quick update - due to the changes in grant guildelines, we’ve scrapped our old MiltiSig & replaced it with a new one (5 out of 9).

Also would like to add the GitHub link for SonicSwap directed at Harmony Name Service Domains development.


Funded #1 milestone: 0xbcd599cd06beb97f42ff790296c059f127677844a514095d6b9a1bb50dddce5b

$10k upon HNS beta launch + 100 users
$10k upon HNS mainnet launch + verified + 1k user + demo
$10k upon NFT marketplace beta launch + 100 users
$10k upon NFT marketplace mainnet launch + 1k DAU + demo
$10k upon *Integration + $1M volume + audit + opensource + dappradar


Hey there @cheualx & the team!

We are very excited to announce that Mardi Marketplace was successfully beta-launched & we’ve just surpassed 100 active users (Google Analytics snapshot attached), which concludes our Milestone #3!


Should you have any questions - please, feel free to reach out! We are ecstatic to keep adding new features to give our Marketplace, as well as our web3 Domain Name Service, more adoption & utility on Harmony & beyond!

Kindest Regards,
SonicSwap Team :green_heart:

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