SonicSwap 2.0 - transition from a simple yield farm to a complex mini-ecosystem within Harmony!

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Proposal overview

Our team has been selflessly running SonicSwap ever since it was launched in August 2021, while giving opportunities to NFT artists & collectors, game designers, video editors, staking delegators, yield farmers, cloud miners, novelty seed collectors, & many more amazing folks. We’ve proudly gathered an incredible community, governed by incredible community members, who are sincerely interested in the growth of SonicSwap & Harmony Network as a whole. With all that in mind, we’ve never asked for anything in return, except for the community support along the way, while constantly aiming to bring more attention to Harmony, primarily via implementing innovative blockchain solutions for real world needs.

Every service in the SonicSwap ecosystem runs for every single ONE of you & we aim to keep it this way. We would like to finally advance to a whole new level & ask for some support from the Harmony community & the core team, since uncertain markets affect SonicSwap as a smaller platform that chose to focus on utility & fundamentals instead of selling DeFi users its’ ideas. Your support can significantly fortify our future growth, utility, sustainability, & adoption for all that SonicSwap Ecosystem can offer!

How could a grant help SonicSwap?

  • Exposure to more users within the Harmony ecosystem, including core team members;
  • Extended reach to other networks with purpose of bringing more users to Harmony;
  • Alleviating financial pressure off the founder of the project, Dr Robotnik, to ensure faster transition to sustainable green solar energy (servers, miners, validator, etc);
  • Monthly liquidity backing for the most beneficial liquidity pools to SonicSwap & Harmony;
  • Partial supplement of the current server(s) rental/maintenance/development/staff salary costs;
  • Extended ability to keep matching liquidity 50/50 with projects that would like to collaborate w/ SonicSwap;
  • Aggressive Marketing (includes recruiting influencers that are interested in the growth of SonicSwap/Harmony Network & educating their followers, organizing community events, incentivizing upcoming community affiliate programs, contests, bounties, & giveaways);
  • Greater incentivizing Harmony Validator staking for our delegators by being able to further provide unique perks & airdrops;
  • Backup treasury for hassle-free Cloud Mining Passes, which are aimed to be kept at 5-10% ROI, increased inventory (current stock gets replenished biweekly & sells out within minutes);
  • Cost-effective expansion of sustainable Cloud Mining operation to suit the rapidly increasing demand on bookings (we’re already at 125+ bookings per week & some of our slots sell out weeks in advance).

After nearly a year-long development, diligent testing, troubleshooting, & exchanging constructive feedback with its community, SonicSwap is ready to show the world what it has to offer!

This is what we have already implemented & have been very actively testing for months aside from the DEX & Staking:

  • Unique NFT raffles with 50% of the pot getting burned to reduce SONIC supply, 25% going to the winner, & 25% going to the beneficiary (NFT creator/collector) with occasional events, such as 100 ONE tokens for life, exclusive whitelisting privileges for holders of the raffled NFTs, etc;
  • GPU & ASIC Cloud Mining Services with opportunity to recycle your ETC, ZIL, DGB, XEC, FLUX, & BTC mining rewards into reinforced Yield Farming positions within Harmony-native SonicSwap.IO - 100% of SONIC revenue from cloud mining is burned with txhashes recorded & posted monthly for transparency purposes;
  • Hassle-free weekly/biweekly/monthly NFT Cloud Mining Passes, operating as dividends stocks w/ 5-10% ROI paid out in HRC20 versions of BTC, ONE, & ZIL (reward tokens are subject to change/expand to whatever fits Harmony community the most);
  • Novelty Seed Store with free worldwide shipping to countries where novelty seeds aren’t prohibited - 100% of SONIC revenue is burned with txhashes recorded & posted monthly for transparency purposes;
  • SonicPay Payment System (beta) - usable on & implementable to 3rd party ecommerce platform builders;
  • Harmony Network Validator Node with the entire 5% commission being used to buy back & burn SONIC with txhashes recorded & posted monthly for transparency purposes.

These are the projects that are currently being actively worked on:

  • NFT marketplace that will initially serve as a trustworthy & reliable platform to mint Pixel Pigeons & later become a platform for everyone to utilize (we have received support from some of the most reputable NFT artists on Harmony Network);
  • Fun, intricate, engaging, (MagicTheGathering-like), NFT, PvP strategy game Pixel Pigeons Fight Club! Players will be able to interact via in-game live chats while in battle or spectating, participate in tournaments, request private duals, random matches, place wagers or simply spectate. Pigeons will be upgradable, earn rewards, or breed to achieve higher rarities & more!
  • SonicSwap x HarmonyONE merchandise line designed to attract a slightly different user base & support SonicSwap treasury - payments are to be accepted in both ONE & SONIC.

Upcoming projects/services/goals:

  • Development of a unique long-term single-staking pool integrated to provide benefits across the entire SonicSwap platform, services, & games (both present & future);
  • Server rental - pay for server rentals in farmed SONIC to host websites/games & create validator nodes! We aim to relieve start up costs for new node operators & developers, while they support/build & secure Harmony;
  • GPU graphics rendering rental for generative NFT collections, video promotions, games & more;
  • Gamified Cloud Mining;
  • SonicSwap Casino;
  • Unique in its’ kind Sonic City Metaverse;
  • Solar Farm expansion - not only to run on renewable low-emission energy, but to also lower operational overheads & lift profits for services provided by SonicSwap to the end user;
  • Security Audit after the majority of milestones are achieved to ensure all products & services provided are secured;
  • & more!

The grant funds WILL NOT be used to buyback & burn SONIC. Instead, we will work on expanding our current operations, revenue from which already serves a deflationary purpose for SONIC. With the support of core Harmony team providing the grant, we would like to be able to start another Harmony Validator (100% commission to buyback more SONIC with exclusive perks to delegators while bringing more security to Harmony Network), support more NFT artists & projects within Harmony ecosystem, create more cross-chain relationships through our cloud mining, advertise/establish ourselves within the community a lot more assertively, & keep working on the games & developing more unique utility for SONIC & ONE. Progressing into -if you will- SonicSwap 2.0, is an extremely exciting endeavor for us & is something that we are absolutely passionate about. We would be extremely happy to share that excitement now that we’re ready to announce ourselves!

Our project has, admittedly, been a little quieter, as we’ve focused more on building behind the scenes to create utility first, while refusing to sell hype over a working product. However, now we’re ready to expand & give more folks, who are ready to put in the work, more opportunities & relieve some pressure off the SonicSwap core team, so we can focus on networking & leading the project. New users keep coming across SonicSwap with excitement saying “I didn’t even know this existed!” more & more often now, so we’ve decided that it’s time for us to make ourselves known. SonicSwap has done its fair share of contribution to Harmony & we aren’t planning to stop as far as we are capable of doing so. We are a small team of people (friends) that have known each other on a personal level for quite some time, put a ton of effort, time, a& everything else we have into benefitting the Harmony community (users, projects, validators, artists, collectors, etc). We’ve never made ourselves noticed by the Harmony core team but we admit that it was the lack of advertisement on our end since we don’t feel comfortable selling unfinished products.

We sincerely hope that the community, as well as Harmony core team, would consider supporting the growth of one of the oldest H1 projects that bring more unique utility to Harmony & have a lot of ongoing development & passion for building on the network exclusively, for the benefit of the entire Harmony community.

Please let us know what you think!


  • Dr Robotnik - CEO, co-founder of SonicSwap Eco (business, management, commercial mining farm owner/operator, electrical engineering, among other certified trades rolls);
  • Sonicstar - Lead Solidity, Backend, & Frontend Developer, co-founder of SonicSwap Eco (full-stack web3 developer);
  • M87 - Executive CM, HR, Head of Marketing & Outreach, VP of SonicSwap Eco (HR, hospitality/tourism, & cryptomining backgrounds);
  • TohsterSG - Lead Game Designer & Strategist (Education Officer, Pixel Art backgrounds);
  • 404 - Lead Game Developer (Unity Developer, C# Programmer);
  • 57u - Frontend & Application Developer (Unity Developer, C# Programmer, online poker cardroom backend & frontend developer, DNS server specialist);
  • TJ Graper, Hammer Operator - full-time community moderators;
  • Kvachi - Graphic Designer on contract work (logos, backgrounds, merchandise designs, etc);
  • Dimitri - Sonicstar’s Backend Assistant;
  • other part-time assistants, community influencers, supporters, moderators, contractors, & freelancers.

Proposal ask

$192,000 over the duration of 1 calendar year with $22,000 for already achieved milestones.


$8500/month - partial salary for full-time developers & their assistants, moderators, & contractors (frontend, backend, contracts, applications, mini-games, visuals, etc);
$2000/month - permanently fortifying & burning LP tokens for pools that are the most beneficial to SonicSwap & Harmony communities (based off a monthly vote);
$1750/month - aggressive marketing (outreach deals/collaborations, influencers, affiliate programs & software, contests, bounties, raffles, giveaways, & other events);
$1500/month - 25% of current grid power consumption costs to run the cloud mining & server rental operations, with the other 75% being handled by the founder;
$1500/month - 25% of solar transition costs to progressively shift the entire SonicSwap Ecosystem to green energy (including Harmony Validators), the other 75% is handled by the founder;
$750/month - numerous miscellaneous overheads (server hosts -temporary), website hosts, domain ownerships, bot hosting subscriptions, rig maintenance, etc).

Side notes:

  • every month we aim to reduce the grid-power-related costs & transition them towards solar energy & other sustainable solutions, to lower operational costs & ensure higher usage of green energy throughout the lifetime of SonicSwap & its’ services provided;
  • sourcing/importing, logistics, purchasing of new, & maintenance of older hardware, commercial space lease overheads, air circulation/cooling systems, electrical upgrades/inspections/permits/insurance, & other significant costs associated with the actual scaling & day-to-day operational costs of the mining farm are to be primarily taken upon by our founder.

Metrics for success

Milestones (in no particular order):

  • Unique NFT Raffle designed to incentivize NFT collectors & SonicSwap users, support artists, & decrease SONIC supply - $7,500 (delivered & fully tested by the community);
  • Cloud Mining Hardware Rental with 100% of SONIC revenue being burned & staking pools being provided for a number of selected mined tokens (potential to bring over more ETC, ZIL, BEAM, RVN, ERG, FLUX, XEC, DGB, BTC, & other communities to enter Harmony) - $6,000 (delivered & fully tested by the community);
  • Cloud Mining Passes - hassle-free way to cloud mine w/ HRC20 payouts & 5-10% ROI - $5,000 (delivered & fully tested by the community);
  • SonicPay initial implementation - $3,500 (delivered & fully tested by the community);
  • SonicPay future implementation for the 3rd party e-commerce websites with medium to high user traffic - $1,000 each, max 10 platforms ($10,000 cap);
  • Server Rental service launch - $7,500;
  • GPU Graphics rendering rental - $7,500;
  • Unique solo staking pool benefitting the entire SonicSwap Eco - $5,000;
  • SonicSwap Affiliate Program launch w/ ONE incentive - $12,500;
  • SonicSwap & Harmony merchandize designs presented to the community (minimum 10 uniquely-designed items with SONIC or ONE available payment methods) - $5,000;
  • UI Upgrade (SonicSwap.IO) - $7,500;
  • UI Upgrade ( - $5,000;
  • NFT Marketplace live on testnet - $5,000;
  • NFT Marketplace live on mainnet - $15,000;
  • Pixel Pigeon Fight Club open beta - $15,000;
  • Pixel Pigeon Fight Club live on mainnet - $45,000;
  • Sonic City Casino open beta - $7,500;
  • Sonic City Casino live on mainnet - $22,500;
  • Progressive scaling of solar energy (if applicable for funding) - open to discussion with the core team) - $?.

Instead of getting paid after completing each milestone, we’d like to offer posting monthly project updates with the lists of accomplished milestones & photos (where applicable) to visually prove the community & the core team our scaling of the solar/server/rendering farms & mining operations to demonstrate proper allocations of funding provided.

External links

SonicSwap-related links can be found here.


SPECIAL SHOUTOUT TO MORE OF OUR FRIENDS TO RECOGNIZE THEIR INPUT IN SONICSWAP in ways too numerous to list in a 2000-word proposal:

  • Kyle (outstanding community member & validator - Harmonious Dude),
  • Coinkin (outstanding community member & validator mastermind - HankTheCrank),
  • BrotherONE (outstanding community member & validator - BrontherONE),
  • iTower.ONE (outstanding community member & validator - iTower.ONE),
  • Nakashi (outstanding NFT artist - 1famNFT),
  • Biosensei (outstanding community/project leader - WARU Protocol),
  • PixiMan (outstanding community member & artist - HarmonyAliens),
  • SmokinJoe (outstanding community member - BodyGuard DAO),
  • JuanM (outstanding community member),
  • Jerome V (outstanding community member),
  • ForeignBuffet (outstanding project leader - Employees of The Metaverse),
  • Mando (outstanding community leader - ONEChain, MercuryONE),
  • WolfOfAllStreets (outstanding community leader),
  • HarmonyDragon (outstanding community leader),
  • Logen (outstanding community member & visual content creator - ONECreativeDAO),
  • Pixetica (outstanding community member & visual content creator - AlphaGamingDAO),
  • old mate (outstanding community member),
  • Beyawnko & his talented spouse (outstanding community members & graphic designers),
  • HumanityOfAll (outstanding community member & NFT artist),
  • Daniel (outstanding community member),
  • Darkula (outstanding NFT artist),
  • Zache (outstanding NFT artist),
  • Rmd M (outstanding NFT artist),
  • Graffetta (outstanding NFT artist),
  • Ekaterina Kost (outstanding NFT artist),
  • Ling (outstanding NFT artist),
  • Kurt Hokage (outstanding community member),
  • InsanityDrop (outstanding community leader & NFT artist),
  • MasterRoshi (outstanding community member),
  • TommyTippie (outstanding bot genius),
  • matt cl (outstanding chart genius),
  • lookblacktalkwhite (outstanding interviewer, writer),
  • Krypto Kakashi (outstanding community member),
  • HODLen (outstanding community leader - PixelPirates),
  • TheUniverse (outstanding community leader - Harmony Universe, Atlantys, OneFi),
  • Wickednights (outstanding community leader - CosmicUniverse, OneFi),
  • Wizzard Blizzard (outstanding community leader - Cosmic Universe, OneFi),
  • McONE (WenLambo, Harmonyville),
  • OneCanNFT team (outstanding community leaders),
  • and many-many more!

The list could go on forever! Thank you everyone for helping us grow in one way or another!


Excited to see the progress and the approval of this proposal
Sonicswap has always been a dex for the community


This is exactly the type of project I’d love to see get a grant. Native harmony builders, all community member team, deliver first mentality.


I love it! Great project and super helpful and supportive team. That really embody what Harmony is all about!


I’ve been in this community over a year now and can honestly say I’ve not come across another team more committed to delivering before making promises to investors. They truly care about the Harmony family and are a close knit group of incredible minds. They continue to add utility to their project as well as put the interests of the community first.

The Sonic team has ridden with the protocol steadfastly through ups and downs without ever asking for anything in return to this point and have proven themselves to be worthy of the foundation’s support. I would love to see Harmony invest in them the way they have invested in Harmony. Their plans for the future are exciting. Full support from me.


Dr. Robotnick is a builder. The man is relentless and doesn’t stop. He has a top shelf team of devs right beside him. Great Job M87!
No other community shows as much support for for Harmony ONE!
Sonicswap is just getting started!


The SonicSwap team are some of the most genuine and trustworthy people I’ve met in this space. I was just small NFT artist, and they gave me a chance to pursue my dreams of designing games and planning mechanics. Not to mention, they continuously encouraged me with regard to my art. I’ve seen them lift so many in the community up, always looking for the next way they can help build and improve the Harmony community, the next person they can help lift up and support, the next project they can partner with. They are selfless, generous and all around good people, with amazing ideas and plans that always have the community at heart. They’ve continuously built on Harmony, always thinking of new ways to bring utility and sustainability to the project. This proposal wouldn’t just benefit SonicSwap, this proposal will benefit the entire Harmony ecosystem.


This is an Ace in the hole!! So many accomplishments and the team takes no profits from the end users. Sonicswap is community centric and very supportive when learning their ecosystem. Also they handle feedback better than any other project I’ve seen. They listen to community wants and build. I hope they get as much support as they give!!! The team absolutely deserves it!!


The first place for my farmings session on harmony :+1::muscle:good job guys !


Really appreciate your faith in us mate! We’ll keep working as hard, if not harder :pray:


Thank you for your kind words Jimbo! Harmony is amazing to build on & the community is simply wonderful! :blue_heart:


We’re very glad you’ve been enjoying the platform! This is just the beginning! :zap:


A good project that is looking forward to the future of a talent team that has been working for a year for their product
The scholarship requirements are good and I think it is acceptable to the Harmony Protocol team
As an investor in ecosystem Harmony, I support this project💙


This team is very nice and inclusive, love the UI of the project.


i’ve never ever seen such an amazing team with this long term vision to Crypto currencies and Harmony one.
im 100% sure that every cents of this grant will be spent in the right way to both help SONICSWAP and Harmony One to gain the attraction they deserve.
i am so proud that im part of their team.


for sure deserve it. Im in since start and the team is very trustful, hard work and good thinking!

Is one of few projects on harmony we can trust.


One of a few ‘first-wave’ projects on harmony which didn’t scam or was abandoned! Wish you guys good luck, you definitely deserve this grant!


A great Project on Harmony, with cool ideas to make defi not boring. Great cloud mining service. :blue_heart:


If only every project had the determination of SonicSwap!
If anyone deserves this, it’s this team! :blue_heart: