Community DAO Council Q3 2022 Candidate: M87

Good day Harmony family,

My name is Kristina, the majority of folks on Harmony may know me as M87. I am an executive Community Manager (along with HR, marketing, & outreach) of Harmony-native SonicSwap ecosystem & would like to offer my candidacy for the next CDAO term (Q3 2022).

As a bit of a background, my lifelong education/career choices have always revolved around working with people. I have 3 years of education in Human Resources, 2 years of on-campus community involvement, & 7 years of hospitality & audit work experience in total, which included not only administrative jobs but also training & managing staff. Community development is something that I’ve always gravitated towards but I’m also quite introverted at the same time - I like stopping by in community-ran Twitter spaces, playing online videogames, building mining rigs, cooking, making my own homemade organic health & beauty products, hiking, gardening, & hanging out with our chickens & other pets of our household (our dog, our cat, & our mouse). With particular recent worldwide situations that brought difficulties & sacrifices among most people’s lives, I’ve became quite anti-social but Harmony has reminded me how impactful staying connected to your community can actually be.

My journey with Harmony in particular has started from the early MochiSwap days. The community on Harmony has left me speechless in the best way possible, which made me want to be a part of something more impactful & that’s when Dr R & Sonicstar created SonicSwap! From everything we have learned, one of the most important lessons was - THE COMMUNITY COMES FIRST. I can’t emphasize this enough! We appreciate every single member of our community for dozens of reasons but mainly because

  1. we’re all here to grow together, &
  2. projects without communities come down to being just a bunch of code & that’s the reality of it.

Harmony is an ecosystem to UNITE the decentralized community. I’ve never seen such a tight-knit gang & I believe this is only the beginning. By inviting more people into our network, we’re inviting more knowledge & innovation. By taking care of our current community, we’re providing a healthy & sustainable environment for the whole ecosystem to grow. I couldn’t be more proud of the progress our current community leaders have made so far & don’t really know yet how else we can thank them rather than carrying on their legacy & adding even more goodness to it.

As a prospective CDAO governor, I would like to help with making Harmony space more

  • heard;
  • engaged;
  • inclusive;
  • outspoken;
  • positive;
  • educated;
  • respectful.

I live in EST time zone & have no obstacles with providing 10+ hours per week for CDAO-related matters. I spend a quite a bit of time at the computer as a CM, so may as well use that time even more efficiently!

I may not be the most DeFi-tech savvy candidate among others but I have a very solid understanding of how communities work, so I sincerely hope this is something of value that the community will be able to recognize in my candidature. What Harmony is creating in real time is incredible & I would be honored to help CDAO with bringing this community together. I see a lot of impactful & self-driven community members applying for the Q3 CDAO governors, so even if I don’t get elected, it would be fantastic to have you all on board helping Harmony evolve as ONE!

Thank you for your time Harmonauts! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions :blue_heart:


I got a chance to hear you speak on our call for candidates the other day. What a pleasant surprise to see your candidacy today! You have my support :blue_heart:


You sound like an excellent addition too the DAO and look forward to seeing what you can bring!!


Love to see it! Heard you speak on the candidacy call on the CDAO Twitter space and feel you would be a great addition to the team!


Great writeup and you have my support :blue_heart: Best of luck

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Thank you for the introduction… I’m happy to support someone who is passionate on both the protocol and the community. You have my support and best of luck!

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Great introduction and well pitched. During my time in the Harmony One community Kristina has demonstrated a strong sense of inclusion within her spaces and shown support for both validators, dapps, gamefi and just the community in general. She is level headed, consistent and kind hearted. This has my vote.


My full support! Amazing community member!

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Good Job M87! You will so knock this out of the park!

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Great one M87! You’ve got my full support!!

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Thank you very much Rob! Means a lot coming from you! :blue_heart:

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Same with you mate! :blue_heart:

CDAO, as well as the entire community, are still in their infancies, yet we already have so many great minds willing to push Harmony for success! I’m very excited to see how this election unravels, even if I don’t make it to the governors. Appreciate you being a part of this as well!

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I’m with you as well James! Good luck! :blue_heart:

Great writeup! Community is extremely important, and the Harmony Community is one of the best! Best of luck to you :metal::bear::metal:

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Yes! Definitely yes! M87 is the epitome of community. She’ll be a top tier asset to the team, no doubt about it. :weight_lifting_man:


I support this candidacy…

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Appreciate it Boobs! :blush::blue_heart:

Got my vote for sure!

We all are very lucky to have you man, thank you so much for all your kind words! I’ll be rooting for you too! :blue_heart: